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The Icon of the Seas cruise makes its first stop in St. Kitts

The Icon of the Seas cruise makes its first stop in St. Kitts

Written by the editorial staff of PortalPortuario


As a milestone in its maiden voyage, the ship Sailor icon First stop on an island Saint Kitts and Nevislocated in Eastern Caribbean.

Specifically, the new ship was docked at Zante port in PasteurIt is considered the historical capital of Saint Kitts.

With the Caribbean island forecasting a larger than usual cruise tourism season in early 2024, the arrival of the world's largest ship represents good news for the local economy and tourism sector.

In light of this context, Terrance Drew, Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis“Our economy has become the fortunate recipient of great opportunities, as the arrival of the world’s largest cruise ship anchors our nation on the global trade map,” he noted. “It represents the beginning of new possibilities for economic investment and employment, which are important aspects of economic development.”

During the ship's visit, the Prime Minister held a special ceremony to present the Sailor Icon with the inaugural voyage plaque, recognizing the significance of the ship's arrival and highlighting the commitment to sustainable tourism shared by the Government and Royal Caribbean.

“We are dedicated to creating an environment that seamlessly combines the preservation of our natural heritage with sustainable tourism practices. This is an important principle in this government’s agenda to ensure St. Kitts and Nevis becomes a sustainable island nation,” Drew added.

It is worth noting that the Icon of the Seas will also be visited St. Thomas In the US Virgin Islands and Coco KaiRoyal Caribbean's private island, before returning to it Miami On February 2, 2024.

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