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The hurricane hit several cities in the United States.

The hurricane hit several cities in the United States.

A White House official said President Biden would comment this afternoon on the devastating storms that have hit parts of the United States.

The President will spend the weekend in Wilmington, Delaware.

Earlier, FEMA Director Dean Chriswell briefed the President on National Security Adviser Liz Sherwood-Randall and other officials, and ordered a “boost” of federal resources for storm-affected communities.

Biden has also spoken with Kentucky Governor Andy Bezier, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and other state governors affected by the storm.

Hutchinson told CNN that Biden spoke with five governors of the hurricane-hit states overnight from Friday to Saturday morning.

“Five governors affected by the hurricane spoke to the US president on the phone. President Biden promised to support us, but also expressed his support for what we are doing this time. We want to convey that to our citizens,” Hutchinson told CNN.

Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky and Arkansas were the worst hit by the storm on Friday.

Hutchinson said he would liaise with the federal government if the federal government needed to respond, but the state is currently at the forefront of relief efforts.

“Right now, if we need something, we will ask for it, we will get it, but with our resources at this stage we are now able to respond to the need,” he said.

“We’ll see if there’s any need for extra. At this point, we’m clearing the rubbish, we want to make sure personal needs are met on a shelter basis. Our churches, our non – profit organizations are really striving to achieve that.

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