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The Guatemalan judiciary rejected the request for protection filed by Bernardo Arevalo against the Public Prosecutor

The Guatemalan judiciary rejected the request for protection filed by Bernardo Arevalo against the Public Prosecutor

The Supreme Court of Guatemala rejected Bernardo Arevalo’s request for protection against the Attorney General. (Effy)

President-elect of Guatemala, Bernardo Arevalosuffered a legal setback on Wednesday after supreme court His request for protection from was rejected Attorney General And the judge who ordered the raid Voting center Check the boxes containing the ballot papers elections From June.

“By majority Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) decided not to issue a decree Resources Protection provided by Arevalo The Supreme Court’s lawyer said on September 13, considering that there were violations of the election law courtLeonel Marroquin, when reporting decisions court.

Arevalo and Vice President-elect, Karen Herreraprovided the aforementioned protection accompanied by dozens of Guatemalans who joined the invitation of the upcoming authorities to join the defense work in democracy.

The President-elect then stated that “the various actions that we do are regulated by the law and we resort to the law to defend the rights that help us, but above all People of Guatemala“.

he Resourcesfiled against the Attorney General, Consuelo Borras; Judge Freddy Orellana; Head of the Office of the Special Prosecutor to Combat Impunity, Rafael Corochiciincluded in the list of “corrupt” and undemocratic actors in the United States, is part of the legal process in which Arevalo He seeks to protect the election results and stop what he considers a plan.”coupTo prevent him from assuming power on January 14.

Arevalo and Vice President-elect Karen Herrera provided the aforementioned protection, accompanied by dozens of Guatemalans. (europa press/contact/fernando choy)

since Seed movement It achieved surprising results – compared to what opinion polls expected – in First round of electionsCelebrate it June 25he Public Ministry Guatemala took several measures to invalidate the results or make the political formation illegal, measures that were condemned by the House of Representatives. The international community.

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Al-Faqih stated that Arevalo sought through this resource to “ensure the purity of the electoral process, protect the announcement of results, and especially protect electoral materials.” Eddie CoxDirector of the non-governmental organization Citizen workfrom Transparency International.

Cox considered that with denial of protection”The Supreme Court does not guarantee the rights violatedIt does not provide a solution or legal certainty to protect constitutional rights to vote and election results.

He pointed out that the court “evades the responsibility to continue the process, as it does not provide a solution to the overall crisis generated by this violation committed by the Public Prosecution through its violation of electoral materials.”

For the third day in a row, indigenous people blocked several roads in Guatemala on Wednesday to demand the reopening of the roads Boras resignationaccused of allegedly driving coup.

An indigenous group blocked several roads in Guatemala to demand the resignation of Porras, whom they accuse of leading the alleged coup. (Reuters)

The siege operations began on Monday after the headquarters of the Electoral Court was raided to seize election records.

What I’m seeing now looks like a slow motion coupArevalo said Tuesday during a nonpartisan forum at the convention Wilson Centerin Washington.

the Organization of American States (Organization of American States), European Union The European Union and international organizations warned that democracy and the possibility of governance were under attack. Guatemala.

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(Information from Agence France-Presse and Europe Press)