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The granddaughter of Jose Luis “El Puma” Rodriguez sets the trend with her neon swimsuit

The granddaughter of Jose Luis “El Puma” Rodriguez sets the trend with her neon swimsuit

One of the most successful singers in Latin music with an extensive career in the world of music Jose Luis “El Puma” Rodriguez, which has won numerous awards, sold millions of copies worldwide, and is known as a benchmark for romantic ballads. But he is also known for his family scandals and in this case it concerns his only granddaughter, Galilea Lopez Murillowith whom she does not have a good relationship, but she does not miss the opportunity to show off her amazing features in a neon swimsuit that will set the trend.

Besides being a successful singer, the public life of Puma Rodriguez She has been a constant presence in the media covering the struggles the singer has had with his two eldest daughters over the years; Especially with Liliana and Lilibeth Rodriguez. One of them had a daughter and she became the only granddaughter of the Venezuelan artist. However, the relationship between puma and Galilea Lopez Murillo It was never okay, if not void because they never made contact at any point.

Galilea Lopez Murillo She is a young woman who has been living in Miami for several years, and unlike her grandfather, mother, or aunt, she has not devoted herself full time to the world of music, but rather to the field of business, and for this reason she has a real estate project. Apparently, Puma Rodriguez’s granddaughter will be going through her time as a single woman after several years of dating.

On his Instagram account, where he has more than 100,000 followers, Galilea Lopez Murillo She was responsible for confirming why she is one of the most beautiful women ever and that is why the only granddaughter of Puma Rodriguez chose a neon swimsuit to highlight her features, especially the neckline and thus be the center of all the flashes and steal the spotlight. Look. The young woman chose several angles to photograph herself.

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It’s not the only time Galilea Lopez Murillo She stole everyone’s attention and the only granddaughter of Puma Rodriguez knows very well how to steal hearts, which is why she wore so many looks that left everyone speechless; Like a very small swimsuit that exposed her curves, especially her butt, emphasizing her amazing physical condition.