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The governor makes changes to the executive order beginning on Saturday

The governor makes changes to the executive order beginning on Saturday

Governor Pedro R. Pierluisi today announced an amendment with new changes to the current Executive Order to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, as he claimed he accepted the recommendations of the Scientific Alliance.

Changes to the Executive Order will take effect next Saturday, April 17, 2021 and will be in effect until May 9, 2021.

Executive Order 2021-027 Curfew hours are maintained from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am, and commercial establishments and restaurants will be closed at 9:00 pm Excluded from the curfew are people who attend emergencies or health conditions, including those who give vaccinations, those who come at any time to be vaccinated against COVID 19 and those who accompany a person to be vaccinated, among others.

In addition, it has placed even greater restrictions on the occupation in stores and restaurants.

Private operations serving the public may only be operated in closed mode establishments with a maximum capacity of 30 percent.. This applies to restaurants, retail businesses, medical offices, funeral services, entertainment, sports, horseback riding, movies, financial and community services, consumer, professional and non-professional services, colleges and post-secondary care centers, religious and government agencies among other peers.

In the case of restaurants, the minimum required distance of six feet between tables must be ensured. While malls with closed layout will limit capacity at a rate of 1 person per 75 square feet of lanes. For special operations such as administrative offices that do not serve the public, they must also operate at 30 percent capacity or ensure a minimum physical distance of six feet between employees.

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on the other side, Puerto Rico government agencies will continue their business and service delivery plans, While observing measures to prevent the spread of COVID and will ensure the distance between employees is not less than six feet. Telework will continue to be considered a viable option, as determined by the head of each agency.

Public activities in which there is no exemption from the Ministry of the Interior is strictly prohibited., Which may require participants to have a negative COVID-19 result from a qualified SARS-Cov2 virus test and antigen tests performed 72 hours in advance.

Likewise, Congestion on beaches, rivers, resorts, marinas, swimming pools, and other bodies of water is not permitted, The opening of the Colosseum, discos, activity centers or bars. Around the anchors it is forbidden to glue or tie several boats together, as well as Anchorage on beaches, keys and small islands less than 200 feet offshore.

“In the past few days, we have seen an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections, so, as you indicated, we are strengthening the integrated strategy to combat the epidemic. Vaccination remains the key to ending this virus that affects us and the Ministry of Health continues the vaccination process without stopping, which affects all Sectors of Puerto Rico. In fact, as determined by the coalition, deaths from cases have decreased by half since the start of vaccination and at least 300 people have been rescued, “ Express prefect.

The CEO added that the Minister of Health, Carlos Milado, It has already entered into agreements with laboratories of many universities, for which the reagents will be provided and they will conduct genetic sequence studies of cases of variants of the COVID-19 virus. In addition, testing is being increased throughout the island, both by antigen and molecular. Likewise, the number of agents doubles to support the Ministry of Health’s investigation unit that oversees compliance with the new executive order. In addition, the presence of the police in public places will continue to ensure compliance with the order that imposes greater restrictions. On the other hand, educational campaigns are expanding.

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“We continue to seek the cooperation of all so that they maintain preventive and precautionary measures such as avoiding crowding, using masks, spacing and washing hands. The governor said that the government is playing its role in having an integrated strategy against this virus, but we want everyone to do their part, not reduce their caution.”

Pierluese urged all private institutions to register with the Municipal System of Case Investigation and Contact Tracking (SMRIC) of Health so that the government has more accurate case tracking data. Likewise, every organization must comply with the protocols of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Health, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (PROSHA, for its English acronym).

Regarding vaccination, federal government reports confirm that, as of yesterday, 1,858,586 vaccines have been administered, of which 1,204,2259 correspond to the first dose and 648,894 for the completed doses.

The governor added that the requirements for molecular testing to reach Puerto Rico will be strengthened. All passengers arriving on the island via international airports Luis Muñoz Marin (Carolina), Mercedita (Ponce) and Raphael Hernandez (Aguadilla) from the United States or another destination must present to the relevant authorities a molecular test also known as PCR which must have been done before 72 hours after arrival in Puerto Rico. If they do not bring the negative result of the aforementioned test, they will have 48 hours to carry it out or they will be fined, as the voluntary quarantine option will be canceled. Details of this procedure will be specified in an Administrative Order that the Ministry of Health will work on.

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Finally, the governor urged the Puerto Rican Senate to finalize the process of installing the Minister of Health, Carlos Meladu. “In the historic moment when Puerto Rico finds itself, in which we are facing a pandemic, it is inconceivable that Minister Carlos Melado, who has proven to be a first-rate professional and has an indisputable commitment to Puerto Rican health, is at this point not confirmed. It is time for a council. The sheikhs to act by appointing Minister Meladu, the doctor of the people, “said the governor, who repeated that these changes to the order could also be modified at any time, depending on the statistics related to the epidemic.

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