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Abinader and the computer show the alarm in the accounts room | AlMomento.net

SANTO DOMINGO: President Luis Abenader and Citizen Participation expressed concern on Wednesday about the status of the Accounts Chamber (CC), the body that controls public resources and fights corruption and impunity.

In separate statements, the president and the Dominican chapter of Transparency International referred to the issue after statements made by the head of the supervisory board, Janel Ramirez, that he felt he was a prisoner of trust, and acknowledged that the entity was in a state of incapacity to govern.

Abinader stated that the situation of an “independent authority” was worrying and indicated that the Senate of the Republic had “some ideas” on the issue.

The Chairman of the Constitutional Committee also expressed that, having realized before assuming the position of Chairman of the body, “I do not enter into that,” by ensuring that the plenary session of that body approved a regulation against the law, which for some on occasions he has to do “whatever it says plenary session, even if it is against the law.

Private interests prevent the termination of default

Board members met with the entity’s plenary and some of its members individually after learning that “special interests made impossible the agreements needed to remove that corporation from the reputation it had fallen into in previous administrations.”

Among the main problems identified by the organization in the Accounts Chamber is that some of its members, headed by its president, strongly questioned more than a hundred audits that were not signed by the previous administration.

“The audits lack technical quality, and both active members and previous administrations confirm that they are fabricated with the aim of concealing positions and benefiting officials who have committed wrongdoing,” the entity said in a statement.

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The Accounts Chamber does not require specialized training in auditing from its members or employees, and the majority of them are accountants, which explains the inefficiency in detecting irregularities and theft of public resources because the audits were carried out without adhering to international standards in this regard. .

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