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The government confirms that it leaves 20 million doses of contracted vaccines to fight COVID-19 |  Politics  News

The government confirms that it leaves 20 million doses of contracted vaccines to fight COVID-19 | Politics News

Additionally, there will be $ 298 million in approved financing with the Islamic Development Bank and the World Bank for the remaining installments of signed contracts.

A total of 20’097155 dose of a vaccine against Covid-19 disease They are employed with advances paid by the current government; With approved funding from $ 298 million ($ 148 million from the Inter-American Development Bank, $ 150 million from the World Bank) For the remaining batches of signed contracts, purchase more doses as required.

This is according to the information you gave him on Monday Vice President of the Republic Maria Alejandra Muñoz, The Vice President-elect Alfredo Porero, During a dialogue as part of the start of the government’s transition

President Lenin Moreno told Guillermo Laso that the table was not presented at the first transition meeting

During the dialogue, Muñoz highlighted the government’s “correct decision” to buy vaccines directly from the laboratories, without intermediaries, to avoid, she said, the existence of a black market for vaccines in Ecuador, and counterfeiting the vaccines themselves.

In this way, the lab Pfizer Topping the contracted doses with 5999.955By next May, 1,101,910 doses are expected to reach the government. Meanwhile, the next government will receive 543,110 doses in June. The rest is 4’354,935, then on a schedule that the lab will deliver in the coming weeks.

follow him Kovacs facility With 7´057.200 Of the contracted doses, 756,000 will be delivered until next May; 379080 until June; The rest is 5922120 later.

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With AstraZeneca A total of 5´040,000. The first 200,000 will be received until May, 410,000 in June; And 4,430,000 in the following months.

Sinovac With 2 million contracted doses the list is complete, and the doses will be completed until next May.

Ecuador will receive 1 million doses of vaccines from the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac

He added that open dialogues are being maintained with Moderna Laboratories and Johnson & Johnson, ensuring that vaccines always receive approval from international health organizations.

During the month of May, transitional sessions will take place between the current negotiating team and the incoming government negotiating team, with production laboratories contracted by Ecuador, and meetings that will be led by the Vice President.

The dialogue between Muñoz and Boureiro included other topics, such as progress in combating chronic child malnutrition (DCI), trade facilitation and agreements on international child health referrals.

Presentation of the main results of a program Post-disaster social and economic impact assessment of COVID-19 (PDNA) It was between the national government, the United Nations program, the European Union, and the World Bank.

In addition, the issue of children with catastrophic diseases was addressed. Ecuador records around 23,00070% have various types of cancer.

At this point, the outgoing Vice President insisted on the need to continue implementing the international agreements signed in her tenure with the University of Navarra, Pamplona Spain, the Hospital San Juan de Dios in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and the Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital, Rome. And St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the United States, to increase childhood cancer survival rates in Ecuador, which are well below the average of more developed countries.

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