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Defensa de Rondón argumenta no deben ser admitidas las delaciones premiadas de Odebrecht

Rondon’s defense argues that Odebrecht’s award-winning convictions should not be accepted

The technical defense of defendant Angel Rondon argued in the First Collegiate Court of the National District that the Odebrecht executives’ convictions sent from Brazil should not be accepted at trial.

Lawyers José Miguel Ménier, President of the Bar, Emily Rodriguez and Fernan Ramos Peralta, presented before the judges hearing the substantive trial that the charges against them were not valid evidence to prove the accusation against the accused in the Odebrecht case.

Rodriguez argued in court that the Supreme Court’s Special Instructions Judge, Francisco Ortega Polanco, had ordered the prosecution to go to Brazil and question employees of the construction company Odebrecht, which the public prosecutor had not done.

The lawyer said, “If the Public Prosecution office wanted to bring these employees in Odebrecht to be able to question them, they would have to comply with the judge’s decision, which did not respect it, and we hope that they will say here why.” .

He stated that the will of the Public Prosecutor was not given to go to Brazil and that the only possibility provided by the law in Article 371 is when this report is submitted in accordance with the procedural rules, as the parties have this possibility and there the legality of the process is coordinated.

Rodriguez has argued that denunciations are not translated according to the jurisdiction of law and that they only contain the stamp and first of the alleged judicial translator, that is, they do not contain the verb number, book, and paper of the judicial translator. Translation.

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In addition, he indicated that he does not have a certificate that the document is compatible with its origin, the identity and signature of the interpreter, the date of the translation, and that “to add insult to injury,” who is supposed to do the same through the name that appears on the seal, “is not authorized.” He has made translations from Portuguese into Spanish. “

“The denunciations are agreements issued in a judicial system completely different from that of the Dominican Republic, but in addition, the informants were not questioned by the Dominican authorities and their statements were not signed, responded to, or ratified as required by law.”, He asserted. Emily Rodriguez.