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The goddess shows what her first home in the United States looked like

The goddess shows what her first home in the United States looked like

Gods He is so happy that after two intense months of tinkering and repairs he can finally enjoy it His first home in the United States.

The singer just opened her new home On his birthday on Dec. 25, but he didn't miss the opportunity to give his fans a tour of the newly remodeled home.

In a live performance, artist A Home tour Starting with the kitchen, it is undoubtedly the envy of anyone, with its very large space and all white furniture.

He beautifully decorated the living room area with an aquarium that wasn't ready yet, and even placed all his saints in it.

With a huge, comfortable bed, its own bathroom and two walk-in closets, The Goddess and King The Magician's room is the perfect place to unwind.

The tour also included the artist's children's rooms. Axel and Reychel's rooms are decorated to their liking.

In the middle of the live broadcast, the goddess introduced her cousin, the robotic vacuum cleaner, which is responsible for keeping the entire house clean.

The park, where the fountain is placed, is Backyard It's not finished yet, but you can already guess it's going to be beautiful.

“I have tremendous peace in my life. I am grateful to God, to everyone, to my friends, to all the people who supported me to achieve this dream,” the singer is heard saying in one of the videos.

Ray is also very happy, because he can now boast of a studio where he can create music in all conditions.

Even though she still has a lot of boxes to organize and hasn't found her sweaters for three days, La Diosa is happy and it can be seen with the naked eye.

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