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Gustavo Petro will sue a Colombian artist over his dispute with his daughter on social networks

Gustavo Petro will sue a Colombian artist over his dispute with his daughter on social networks


Colombian President Gustavo Petro confirmed on Tuesday that he would sue singer Marbel on charges of harassing his youngest daughter, Antonella, on social media, as he suggested that she was a resident of the street.

“Being a street dweller is not something that can be stigmatized, but harassing and harassing a minor is a very ignorant harm,” the president said on the X social network.

Pietro and his family invited a group of homeless people to lunch on December 24 at Casa de Nariño, the executive headquarters.


This is not the first time, according to Petro, that his daughter has been attacked. Since November 16, unusual protests have taken place against the president at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla, where fans were attending the 2026 World Cup qualifying match between Colombia and Italy. Brazil requested the departure of the president, who was not in this scenario.

“Out with Petro, out with Petro,” chanted thousands of people in the stadium before the start of Colombia's match against Brazil, prompting Antonella to withdraw from the Estadio Metropolitano.

“We can excuse some of the spectators at the football match in Barranquilla because they may not have known that they were harassing a minor, but here it was premeditated,” the president said on Tuesday, referring to the letter from Marbille.

In this sense, Pietro added: “My daughter has asked me to take legal action, and I must do so in the name of the children of Colombia.”

The director of the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF), Astrid Liliana Cáceres, made the legal office of that organization available to the president “for everything relevant.”

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Marbel, known for songs like “Collar de Perlas” or “Amor Sinsere (Endúlzame que soy Cafe),” is a vocal opponent of the president and has even threatened to leave Colombia if Petro wins the 2022 elections.