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Evaluna reveals that she did not undergo a medical examination during pregnancy

Evaluna reveals that she did not undergo a medical examination during pregnancy

Miami.- singer Eva Luna Montaner was embroiled in controversy after she revealed that she did not follow a medical examination while pregnant with her daughter, Indigo. The Venezuelan artist, wife of Colombian singer Camilo, made this confession via podcast Thinking about it, we thought wrong.

“I didn't have a gynecologist. No one gave me ultrasounds, or sonograms, or anything like that. (…) The whole pregnancy was completely an act of faith; everything was with a midwife who listened to her heart from During the singer Ricardo Montaner's daughter said: “I heard the stethoscope, but I never saw what it was like and I didn't even know if it was a boy or a girl.”

There were no surprises regarding the baby's gender, as she and Camilo said they wanted to identify him during birth, which is why they chose a unisex name.

Disagreement on social networks

However, the actress also pointed out that her fear was never not to have a medical examination as usual, but to admit that her life would change, to take on a new responsibility and to give her daughter a good education and upbringing.

She commented, “There are constant fears, and my biggest fear was: I will become a mother. How will I raise her from scratch? I was clearly afraid.”

Evalona's statements sparked a new controversy, as her followers clashed on social media, with conflicting opinions regarding the couples' decision on how they should have performed this operation. Some netizens consider it a risky act, while others celebrate the natural way of assuming motherhood.

Regarding their daughter, Camilo and Ivalona have previously been involved in some controversies.

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Recently, the couple has been criticized for exclusive breastfeeding. However, neither of them commented on the matter.