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The five phrases that connect you to happiness

The five phrases that connect you to happiness

According to this expert, strengthening relationships with others is a step towards happiness.GT.

  • Finnish philosopher and psychologist Frank Martel has spent several years researching the basis of happiness.

  • For the expert, happiness consists of what the Japanese call “ikigai,” the goal, the ultimate meaning of all existence.

  • The practice of kindness gives an immediate sense of well-being.

Finland for six years, The happiest country in the world. What’s your secret to keeping that title? AndFinnish philosopher and psychologist Frank Martel I’ve spent several years searching for it The basis of happinessWhat is important in life and what makes us truly happy. In an interview with the American channel CNBC, he shared the five phrases that explain the feeling of deep well-being that overwhelms the majority of Finns. The expert is the author of the book Wonderful lifeHappiness consists of what the Japanese call “ikigai,” the goal, the ultimate meaning of all existence. How to find ikigai can be a less complicated task if we say the phrases that, according to Martel, can relate us to our true happiness.

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Live for yourself, not for other people’s expectations

people in Finland They do not aspire to social status. They are less concerned with fitting in with what is supposed to be a successful life. Martell explains that it is much easier to be happy doing what pleases us than doing something we don’t like to achieve in front of others.

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The important thing for an expert is that we have a file Great job or career. In this case, enthusiasm and passion are important; Even a professional job can be empty if this spirited energy is missing. You have to think, then, What makes us happy, what excites us. And if nothing in your environment is doing that, maybe it’s time for a change.

Share your experience with the community

The Finnish psychologist recalls this One of the best ways to live by Our purposes are to find a job, whether it be a job or a hobby, that makes us feel completely in tune with ourselves. How is this harmony achieved? The expert points out that the ability to share our knowledge and experience with society puts us in the orbit of happiness because it has Positive influence on others This makes us more generous, which is key, as we’ll see below.

Practice acts of kindness

Frank Martella verified that creating connections with others makes us happier. At university, every year he proposes An exercise he repeats with his pupils: he encourages them to do three good deeds a day, From giving up a seat on public transportation, calling someone who needs support or spending time with anyone who needs company.

The practice of kindness gives an immediate sense of well-being. On the other hand, in the long run, many studies have shown that those who offer their emotional support to others have a better life Physical and mental health.

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Be a good neighbor

The Finns have a word for what you must necessarily work on together. its name “talkoot” has its origin in tradition, which is still in force in Finland today, between people in the country who were engaged in agriculture or animal husbandry. When someone has a big project on their farm, like building a roof for a barn, they do a “talkoot”: Neighbors would willingly come together and work together for a day to help, Then they celebrated with food and drink.

Over time, the tradition has been updated. Now neighbors get together to plant trees on the street or repair common areas. After doing the homework, they share a table and have a good time. Cooperation in the welfare of all And improving the shared environment, according to this expert, is one of the keys to happiness.

Respect the silence

Finnish proverb says: “Words are silver, silence is gold.” In Finland, moments of silence are appreciated, those when great things don’t have to be done to feel good and connect with others. Sometimes being silent with someone is enough to make it happen Create bonds of peace And wellness.

In Nordic countries it is common to enjoy a sauna with family or friends in silence while observing nature. This Finnish custom is very easy to recreate in Spain: See a simple sunset Next to someone, you can take a forest bath or practice grounding (just being barefoot) Incredibly connected with our essence and if you achieve silence of the mind with some meditation techniques, you will be closer to your center, which can It takes you to the long-awaited happiness.

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