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The federal Department of Education is providing $215 million to support Puerto Rico's education system

The federal Department of Education is providing $215 million to support Puerto Rico’s education system

Washington DC..- The US Department of Education announced today Provision of $215 million in US bailout funds He was previously assigned to the island to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 and can be used for educational and social work.

Federal Secretary of Education, Puerto Rican Michael Cardonaand Secretary Education From Puerto Rico, Eliezer Ramos PerezThey will make a formal announcement of the payment at a press conference in Ponce this morning.

According to Cardona, the funds could be used for mental health services, professional development for educators, partnerships with communities and families, and for educators.

He recalled that funds from the American Recovery Act had already been used to increase the base salary of teachers in Puerto Rico by $1,000 per month.

“Last year I met with Secretary Ramos Parez for the first time to discuss how we can collaborate in a transparent way to serve the students of Puerto Rico. Since then, we have continued to collaborate to ensure that all students on the island have a fair chance to succeed in their studies, and that teachers are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. ,” Secretary Cardona said.

Cardone; Co-branches; José G. Baquero Tirado, Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); And Roberto Rodríguez Santiago, superintendent of the Ponce region, will begin work on the reconstruction of Dr. Phila High School in Ponce, which was closed by earthquakes, in early 2020.

FEMA has allocated $700,000 for the reconstruction of the school.

Central Education Department It has indicated that they have given about $5.8 billion to the Puerto Rico education sector since the coronavirus pandemic.Including $2.9 billion from the Bailout Act, $1.9 billion from the CARES Act and $1 billion in grants from fiscal years 2021 and 2022.

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