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The featherweight has memes for his new haircut

The featherweight has memes for his new haircut

when featherweight He became a musical phenomenon, most notable for his distinctive haircut known as the mullet. It was very important in his picture that the characters resemble Jimmy Fallon They pointed this out. For this reason, the photo in which the Mexican regional actor appears with a new hair look, as seen in a video, has become a cause for anticipation.

The hype was so great that memes related to it did not take long to appear. Thus, they gave the artist a supposed new look and even his face changed. “Not even the taquito he was giving me compared to the taquito I gave myself with that featherweight meme and Jacob Al-Wardi. “Yes, they are similar,” said one user on X.


Ethan Miller/Getty Images

They even change the way they express it. With an old story: “Dude, what do you think about that girl?” With a new verse: “Distinguished friend, what impression does that young lady make on you?”

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They also compare him to Handsome Squidward, the character from the animated series Spongebob Square Pants. They even measured with Henry Cavill.

“We have to see her on stage”; “Upload a photo from your new story to Instagram, I swear you’ll break the internet”; “looking great”; “And the picture has a new look?”; “Please check… Did you dry your hair?? Come on, boss… This is the least we deserve.” “Don’t beg and show us how you look”, and “A picture of your hair”, were some of the requests made by netizens to the translator of the song “It “She dances alone.”

It should be remembered that the last time the featherweight appeared on Fallon’s broadcast, tonight show, It gave a hint of a possible change.

Jimmy Fallon: “Everyone wants the way you look.”

Featherweight: “Not me,” he warned.

We’ll have to wait until he comes out with his new look in public. Meanwhile, jokes about it continue.

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