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The Faculty of Business Sciences at UMU hosts the I Foro Cátedra conference ...

The Faculty of Business Sciences at UMU hosts the I Foro Cátedra conference …

Human Management Association of the Region of MurciaIn cooperation with the Faculty of Labor Sciences in University of MurciaRelease First Human Management Chair Forum – University of Murcia.

The meeting that arose from the collaboration between both entities to implement the Human Management Chair in Innovation in Human Resources. A leading chair at the national level that aims to lead the processes of digitalization and innovation in people management in companies in the region of Murcia.

At about 12:00 p.m., the rehearsal program in which he stars Juan Antonio Galvezthe founding partner Galvez Labor Attorneys. He explained the latest possible developments in labor legislation and jurisprudence, highlighted possible changes that may be involved in calculating end-of-service gratuity and giving new importance to factors such as age, gender, social conditions, years of work, etc.

Another consequence of labor reform is the increase in the non-continuous fixed contract number and the need for ETTs. With the conclusion, that this is how human resource (HR) management has been promoted to solve major problems in companies.

Remote work and video surveillance are of particular importance in human resources departments. With the potential for remote work accidents, offsetting expenses for working from home necessitates care to be taken with data protection,” Galvez said.

After the presentation by Juan Antonio Gálvez, Elena Mendezboss in evolutionft. BEX 22 barometer. BEX 22 barometer Measures and analyzes workers’ perceptions and feelings regarding their company’s policies. mainly with eNPS, a study that evaluates the recommendation rate. It does not contain only eNPS measurement. This is the most important measurement, but the work doesn’t stop there.

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eNPS has calculated a rise in workers’ recommendation, and that experience is measured from the time they enter the company until they leave the company. What workers value most is communication, learning about their work, how the company receives them, teamwork, the company’s management of personal attitudes and salary.

On the other hand, the type of job also greatly affects this evaluation, as Elena explained, Whoever holds the position of a manager or representative will recommend the job more than a worker or technician, and also more than a person who works remotely.

Data for it was also obtained Women tend to recommend less, being critics, and people with a longer life in the company tend to recommend more, being promoters.

as the last presentation, Perry Rosales, CEO and Founder of UNUSUAL, provided “Innovative Leadership.” He explained that the most important thing is the way of driving while keeping in mind the driving model. He explained that to be a good leader, it is necessary to leave the comfort zone in order to change as a leader and thus be able to bring about the progress of the company.

Perry commented 86% of employees do not believe their leaders are ready for the future. Technology and exponential changes usually cost human labor, which tends to be more organically advanced, as shown.

Despite this, from the 1950s until now there has been a change in paradigms, adding importance to the context of the workers and the entire team they work with.