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The English press highlights the celebration of pirate Raul Jimenez and FIFA explains why it is deserved

The English press highlights the celebration of pirate Raul Jimenez and FIFA explains why it is deserved

The Mexican striker lowered the protective tape to cover one eye and took a hook, as part of his goal celebration against Preston.

Raul Jimenezattacker Wolverhampton, celebrate once again with a caption that has been labeled a pirate, just as he did during pre-season. In the English press they highlighted the Mexican celebration and FIFA He explained that this action is due to the fact that the youth teammates America They told him that with his new protection he looked like an old sea bandit.

According to what was posted on social media FIFAAnd the Raul Jimenez He wears a new protective tape, which is lighter and thinner than before, which is why his teammates told him that he looked like a pirate, a situation that the Mexican took advantage of to celebrate his latest results. “Wolves”.

“When Raul Jimenez He returned to football after suffering a skull fracture in 2020, and had to wear a protective headgear. This preparation, with lighter protection, is said by peers to resemble a pirate. Naturally after recording it tonight…” he wrote. FIFA On their social networks, along with the photo of the Mexican and his celebration.

Raul Jimenez He celebrated his first piracy during pre-season in a match against Deportivo Alaves. On that occasion, in a duel on July 20, he lowered the protection only to cover his right eye, where the scar from the operation could be seen.

For this Tuesday, the Mexican added a hook to his celebration against Preston in the League Cup, which he put on his right hand and lowered the protection to cover the eye on the same side, in a celebration that attracted the attention of the English press. .

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“The forward of the WolvesAnd the Raul JimenezHe celebrated his goal against Preston in a unique way, taking the celebration even higher than it was in pre-season. As it was a step forward in their celebration, Jimenez He grabbed a hook behind the goal, wore an eye patch, put on his protective head collar, and pretended to be a pirate. The eye patch celebration is the same as the striker wore in pre-season, but the hook made it thicken.” Birmingham Live in its history.