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Honduras team accelerates its engines to face Panama;  Marcelo Pereira remains in doubt - ten

Honduras team accelerates its engines to face Panama; Marcelo Pereira remains in doubt – ten

After an extensive initial conversation, head out Fabian Quito With lots of smiles and extra stimulation, ، Honduras national team She continued her preparations in the city of Houston Where he will face his second match of Gold Cup 20211 This Saturday before the complex selection of Panama.

Fortunately for the coach Fabian QuitoNo players were reported injured after the first match, and they are even starting to recover Marcelo Pereira, the defender who missed his debut due to a knee problem.

Now the doctor Jose Sierra He was laid off to start his physical work with more intensity and indicated that the loads would be increased according to his condition so that his Saturday attendance would be possible, although if he was not one hundred percent Coito advanced he would not be ahead. Accelerate healing.

La Bicolor held two training sessions, and in the first only footballers were substitutes Granada And whoever entered on the other hand, the rest stayed in the hotel, resting because of the wear and tear.

Already in the second training in the afternoon the defender Marcelo Pereira Stayed at the hotel with work Jorge Pacheco, a physiotherapist and is expected to fully join training on Thursday, though Fabian Quito He has a lot of doubts about the requirements of the competitor.

Coitus has also taken the opportunity to do some tactical action since some have been Rommel Kyoto And the same Albert Ellis It could be one of the main variables that appear against Panama on Saturday.

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And though he joined the rally Monday night, Franklin Flores He was able to do his first two training sessions with the group after being called up at the last minute to replace him Michel Chirinos And he will be eligible to meet on Saturday, before Granada was watching the meeting from the fund.