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I was a victim of harassment in the workplace and ended up on the street: Maribel Dominguez Mediotempo

I was a victim of harassment in the workplace and ended up on the street: Maribel Dominguez Mediotempo

Barcelona, ​​Spain /

Maribel Dominguez I refused subordinate Mexico women’s national under-20 team More than a month ago, just two weeks before the start Class World Cup in Costa Rica. Complaint before the Mexican Federation by a player from tricolor He opened an investigation that culminated in the dismissal of the coaching staff and countless questions about what happened.

After the elimination in the quarter-finals against the national team SpainAnd the I decided Maribel Give your copy. Not before, so as not to affect the team that played until a few weeks ago in the World Cup, and also confirms that it was Victim of workplace bullying.

“I’ve never done that before, and I want it to be clear, respect for my players; respect for the World Cup, because they were in an important moment in their lives and nothing should tarnish it. They did a good tournament, they could have done a lot better. In this interview I want To keep the truth and just make things clear. I was a victim of workplace bullying. I ended up on the street. This was the worst and it hurts the most. It hurts me a lot because I think we worked our best throughout the process and unfortunately the situation that is happening has become very difficult for me. “.

Right away, she explains to the player that at some point in her process, They took away her authority as a national coach.

“The team actually took on Luis Binion, Alan Rivera, Miguel Razo. Luis Binion was the second assistant and now he’s emerging as the coach, because he’s the one who gives all the technical talk. He gave the whole system of the game, all the video analysis. The things that had to come to me as manager. A technician came to him first. It was very clear that everyone was familiar with it, and everyone was aware of the displacement they had caused. She showed up, but not with that leadership. It was clear that Alan Rivera, who was the method coordinator, began to take action on This issue, besides everything that is dealt with in the national team.But let me tell you I had a month to go to the national teams.When I am at home (because he tested positive for covid) and start seeing the players map meeting, he no longer allows me Presenting my specs, but he already talked about his specs for the players.

They wanted to impose Silvana Flores

Maribel explains it Alan Rivera Negotiations began for the inclusion Silvana Flores In the invitation of Sub 20.

“He started talking to me about other players and Silvana Flores appeared, where Silvana Flores – along with Miguel Razo – commented that she wasn’t one hundred percent physical. She was with us, she played with us at the time. It didn’t go the pace of play we were looking for. I knew Mariana (Jascon, Director of Sports Development at FMF) Mariana knew this particular player didn’t have that level and that we were worried because, unfortunately, she didn’t have minutes on her team. The point is that always, every time there was a focus, it was done. Name this player mine.”

until, Maribel Dominguez spoke directly with the footballer To explain your situation:

“He accepted it, I don’t know if he thought about it or brought it up with the family or not. In fact, I told him at one point: You can come to play in the league. We always put those clear points. We can’t have a player who isn’t Physically one hundred percent because the last thing we want is for her to get injured.”

Before the World Cup, Silvana’s name appeared againnot to try, but as part of the list that will compete.

Suddenly he appeared to be going. I told Alan that I did not agree. ‘what is he talking about? My operation is not working? You disrespect the process of many players who are not now on this list, and you are giving me players who were not even involved in half of the process that we seek to do with players who could be on the final list. Already when they impose it on you, when they tell you that it goes; Not there anymore. I no longer agree on many things.”

He even discussed the matter with Javier Mayer, former director of Minor Selectionsbecause the same players felt a marked preference:

“I took it at the World Cup itself. He appeared in the quarter-finals and where he came from from the start very seriously and told me that he knows everything that is happening. And the first thing he said to me was ‘what are your fears?’ What are your fears of what? My fear is that the crew will change me My training now and then. There are many things that are imposed on me here. He didn’t want to drink, or I don’t know if he took any action on the matter.”

“One night before the game against the United States, a couple of the captains spoke to me and told me that things are happening, that they are uncomfortable with many things that are dealt with within the group. It was strange to me and I told them it was not time to say it. It’s the night, I should To be quiet for tomorrow. They somehow explained it to me. The game ends and unfortunately things go wrong for us. Later, when we came to the hotel, the captain came and told me “Mary, we will be in the pool area because we are going to have a meeting with all the guys.” I just got lost , gangs are on fire, disappointment, we can say a lot of things. I got in touch with a psychologist (Michele Castaneda). There is this situation with these girls, they told me this. Some of the issues that are being discussed there with Silvana.”

Silvana again…

“I told him that this talk bothers me a lot. I went to talk to Javier (Mir) and I said to him: Javi, I want to talk to you about a topic, see what this situation is going on. “Okay, let’s talk about it,” Javi says to me. At that moment, the captain locked up themselves There was Michele (Castaneda), the psychologist, and the maid. The girls start talking about everything that was going on, the team, the dressing room. The only thing Javier said is we’re going to deal with that, I don’t want them talking to that person, with That player. Later we’ll take it up and we’ll follow up to do our best. Comment on that. After the World Cup, when we come home, I’m going to talk to the whole coaching staff and we’ll collect the points.’ There was never that talk. He didn’t do anything For her. I didn’t feel supported on the contrary. I felt more anger from him towards us and towards me.”

was then became Maribel Dominguez tried to talk to Yoon de LuisaBut the whole thing blew up against him:

“I wanted to comment on it so that it would change somehow, but it wasn’t. From there, already in the center of focus before the World Cup, we arrived on the 17th (July) and on the 18th in the afternoon Mariana Gascon told me ‘Yon wants to talk to you'” I had delusions… I had many thoughts, except for a letter against me. Except for having a letter where… I was feeling alienated for a while, and felt harassed in the workplace, and when I finally had a chance to talk to Yoon, the first thing he tells me It is that there is a message against me from one of the players. I was shocked why is this happening? From there they fire me with my entire coaching staff and it all starts to happen.

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