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The Echo Dot and its $27 smart plug are some of the best deals I’ve seen as a tech editor

The Echo Dot and its $27 smart plug are some of the best deals I’ve seen as a tech editor

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The heat wave is suffocating millions of Mexicans

While Roberto struggles to work under the harsh sun, Wendy struggles to keep food from rotting. The heatwave in Mexico has already killed eight people and disrupted the lives of millions. Roberto de Jesus, 50, offers his services as a mason next to the Metropolitan Cathedral, in the heart of the historic center of Ciudad de Mexico, which this week reached record temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius. Like Wendy – which can withstand up to 40 degrees – Roberto is dealing with the third heat wave to hit the country this year that could last for another two weeks. The sun warms the asphalt and rocks of the crowded metropolis buildings. The crowd, plus emissions from cars and businesses create an oppressive environment. “It really feels heavy (the heat). When you wait for work (work), until you feel sleepy (…), sometimes we feel very dry,” says Roberto. He stands for nine hours a day waiting for clients, although part The hardest is when he has to work outside in the heat. “We’re so suffocating,” he says, “but not only is work hard. Eating at street stalls — a beloved and common custom among Mexicans — now involves high risks because the sweltering heat They break down food quickly, and Roberto recently verified this: “I got sick from my stomach,” says a construction worker who spent three days convalescing. I ate some tacos on the street (…) and it made me sick.” Population, Records Every year there are heat waves, and experts currently attribute their longer duration to factors such as climate change. – ‘Terrible heat’ – But street taco makers They’re not evil, because in addition to the high temperatures they have to work between hot plates and stoves.“The heat is awful,” says Javier Ramos, 30, in charge of preparing tacos at a stand in Alameda Central. You have to stay hydrated all day,” referring to the 15-hour day in which he and his colleagues set up the booth, cook food, and serve the crowd. Part of the protocol is to prepare fresh meat and ingredients “up to date,” as well as store supplies in coolers “and not combine meat and vegetables,” she said. As Javier, who is also around the cathedral, explains, Natividad Flores, a 40-year-old seller of handmade clothes, believes, “We are seeing the consequences of climate change. “Protected with gloves, a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen” and plenty of water, “Flores seizes the opportunity to sell an outfit that’s “too cool” to “hold the heat” (due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures) and one for being dehydrated between April 14 and June 12, according to the company. Government Three died in Veracruz (east), two in Quintana Roo (southeast), two in Sonora (north) and one in Oaxaca (south).The climate in Monterrey, a boomtown in the northeast, dictates difficult conditions , with temperatures above 40 degrees.The city, which suffered a historic drought in 2022, is experiencing an alarming drop in water pressure, while high demand for electricity due to the use of air conditioners has led to disruptions in supply Wendy Tijerina, a neighbor of the Municipality of Apodaca, She asserts that the heat hits more there because it is an industrial area.”The feeling of heat is stronger, there is a shortage of water, and children cannot be bathed, not even [usar] “Fan (fan) because they cut off the electricity,” he told AFP. The refrigerator is no longer sufficient to store food. “We are looking at a cooler for placing medicines that require refrigeration and somewhat sensitive foods.” Wendy adds. The government of the state of Nuevo León, where Monterrey is located, has also ordered children to attend school for only two hours a day to avoid exposure to severe weather conditions. jla/yug/axm/avl

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