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The east coast is sinking due to the weight and extraction of buildings

The east coast is sinking due to the weight and extraction of buildings

A study published in the journal Nature indicates that the East Coast of the United States is rapidly sinking

New York City is sinking under the weight of its gigantic buildings

East Coast of AmericaWhere the magnificent city of New York is located, is sinking. Yes, as you read, one of the most famous sites on the entire planet may be in danger, because the ground under the huge buildings is not solid and gradually lowers compared to sea level. It goes without saying, but this is a real problem.

In a recent article published in The WiredAnd that Ars Technica echoedA recent study published in The prestigious journal Nature Communications. The study indicated that no less than 74,000 square meters of the East Coast of the United States are losing 2 millimeters per year. while others 3,700 square kilometers are affected by rainfall of up to 5 millimeters.

The east coast of America ends under the Atlantic Ocean

The discovery of these figures, if we transfer them to a ruler, may seem ridiculous to us, which is dangerous in the medium and long term. Cities like New York are at risk A sinking process affecting many cities on the East Coast. All this is due to the underground excavations going on in the area. For New York, the weight of buildings is also a factor.

Over time, millimeters turn into centimeters, and thus the effects of rising seas (due to climate change). They can directly affect cities where millions of people live. Although the cities built on the east coast are not the most populated on the planet, that does not mean anything.

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And, as the sources cited warn, Every millimeter this part sinks US storm surges increase the risk of sweeping and destroying more land along the coast. It's not just about sea level, one of the study's authors stressed. And from the rain. Since a pronounced slope can cause flooding in the interior.

America Collapses: East Coast Sinking Under Weight of Buildings and Extraction

East Coast of America. Degree of sinking from dark blue (0) to dark red (6) in millimeters per year. Source: Leonard Ohnehen (Nature Communications)

The East Coast problem is shared with other geographic regions of the world, for example, in Jakarta, Indonesia. It sinks about one foot (about 30 centimeters) per year due to the subsidence of the water table. therefore, 95% of North Jakarta is expected to be under water in the next three decadesAffecting thousands of people.

Solving this problem is complicated, scientists said, because every sinkhole on the East Coast needs to be monitored to give them a definitive answer. A study of Groundwater levels are also key to fully understanding the problem.

for now Officers took a witness to what was happening underfoot Millions of people in the United States. Now we just have to wait and see if there is actually a solution and investment in it.