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Conocerán coerción contra Jean Alain y grupo mañana a las 10:00

The duress against Jean Alain and the group will meet tomorrow at 10:00

Santo Domingo, RD.

This Friday at 10:00 a.m., coercion actions against former attorney Jean-Alain Rodriguez and a group accused of fraud against the state will be revealed.

He will be known in the courtroom of the First Collegiate Court of the National District.

Judge Kenya Romero summoned the parties from the Public Prosecution Office and the defendants’ attorney.

The 300-page case provides for the pretrial detention of the accused and declares the case complex.

“Operation Medusa” is the largest case file of the Permanent Court of Appeal. that Antipulpo was 200 pages, requesting a measure of coercion; Coral 185; Operation 13, 85 p.

In addition to the former prosecutor, Miguel José Moya, Rafael Antonio Mercedi Martí, Alfredo Alexander Solano Augusto, Javier Alejandro Fortezza Ibarra, Jonathan Josel Rodriguez Imbert, Jenny Mart Peña and Altagracia Guillen Calzado are also implicated in the case.

While Rafael Cano, the managing director of the attorney general for Jean Allan, is still at large, he is said to be in Spain and left before the former lawyer attempted to leave the country last Thursday.

“Operation Medusa”

And it was activated on Monday night with 38 raids on the property of Jean-Alain Rodriguez and those close to him.

The former lawyer went to the Attorney General’s office on Tuesday and was arrested, and since then he has been languishing in prison at the Palace of Justice in Ciudad Nueva.

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