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The dramatic moment a wedding dress caught fire during a wedding in California

The dramatic moment a wedding dress caught fire during a wedding in California

On what was supposed to be a special day, the bride’s dressing room caught fire, causing tension. Credit: Bailey Art Studio

The wedding turned into a dramatic moment when the bride’s dress accidentally caught fire, forcing those attending the ceremony to rush to put out the fire. Shauna BaileyAn artist was hired to paint live during the wedding Luis and Lupe QuijanoHe captured the incident while recording videos to use as references in his works.

The wedding in California was going on as usual Lupe Quijano And her husband walked down the candlelit aisle. At that time, the dress and veil Loop They caught fire.

Artist Bailey commented: “From where I stood, I couldn’t quite see the bride’s veil on fire.” Guests rushed in and used buckets of water to extinguish the fire. Fortunately, no major injuries were sustained during the incident.

Bailey documented this event in his account. TikTok, the video reached 434,000 views. “I am very relieved that no one was hurt. Now it’s funny, but at the time it was terrifying,” the artist wrote in the caption.

Bailey, workman Newport Beach Attended the event as a painter, a relatively new practice that involved creating a live painting during the celebration.

“Rather than photography or videography, the main goal is to immortalize the feeling of the wedding day while entertaining the guests,” he explained in an interview. Newsweek.

girlfriend, Lupe Quijano, recalled that the fire started when some paper streamers they used as confetti fell on candles in the hallway. “I turned around to see my friend running towards me and then I saw my dress was on fire and my veil was on fire,” the woman explained.

The bride remained calm during the incident, relying on the emergency training of several guests. (Bailey Art Studio)

Contrary to expectations, the bride remained silent throughout the entire event. “Nothing really stresses me out. I have three kids, one two, one three and one almost five. After having kids in succession, nothing stresses you out,” she said. Newsweek.

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Another factor that helped maintain peace was the many guests with emergency and military training. “At least seven of the finders were military and our friends included a firefighter. As soon as I saw my brother-in-law, who is in the military, run off the platform, I thought, ‘Oh, he’s taking care of this,'” Lupp said.

New York Post He recalled that this was not the first time that marriages had caught fire. In other recent cases, many marriages have been disrupted due to such incidents. For example, in one case, a stunt couple decided to set themselves on fire as part of their wedding celebration, and in another, a drunken guest set fire to flower centerpieces during a dance break.

The wedding was going smoothly until the bride’s dress caught fire from the candle. (Bailey Art Studio)

Despite the severity of the incident, the celebration continued after the fire was extinguished. Lupe’s mother-in-law played a key role during the crisis and calmed her down when she was in charge of removing the burning curtain. I remember my mother-in-law walking up behind me and saying, ‘I took off your veil, you’re fine. No problem. Just keep walking,” Lupe recalls.

In the end, Bailey decided the event was one of the most unusual he’d ever seen, although every wedding has its own kind of drama. As for the painting, he has mentioned that he does not plan to include fire in his final work.

“The way I see it, a fairy tale is about ‘happily ever after,’ regardless of the fiery dragons they face along the way,” the artist concluded.

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