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The Dodgers defeated the Giants with a Glasnow gem

The Dodgers defeated the Giants with a Glasnow gem

A set of Los Angeles Dodgers He was defeated in his final bid for Spring training to San Francisco Giants 6×4. In that duel Shohei Otani He hit his second home run of the preseason and led two teammates into the leadoff run.

With the aim of testing the formula that will be repeated on multiple occasions during the 2024 American League season, Dave Robertsmanager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, brought the Japanese along with him Mookie Betts And Freddie Freeman In the challenge.

However, the duel remained tied at zero until the end of the fifth inning and it was the Los Angeles Dodgers player who was to blame, Tyler Glasnow. The right-hander worked five innings and a third without allowing a hit. Meanwhile, he controlled eight hits with strikeouts and his earned run average dropped to 0.90. In this way, he achieved his first win of the spring with the Los Angeles organization.

The Dodgers took control of the game at the conclusion of the fifth inning. the future will Smith He hit his second home run of spring training with teammate Mookie Betts in trade. the next, Teoscar Hernandez Repeat the dose with Jason Heyward on the pads. Hernandez debuted as a home run hitter for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Shohei Ohtani hit his second home run for the Los Angeles Dodgers

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What the Japanese couldn't predict was that his hitting would make the ultimate difference against their current rival: the San Francisco Giants. This team took advantage of the Angelenos' defensive deficiencies in the opener of the ninth inning and scored four runs to get close to the scoreboard, but it wasn't enough.

Shohei Ohtani was undoubtedly the main offensive figure in the game. The Asian hit 3-for-4, with two RBIs, his second home run and eight and nine RBIs. Additionally, it left his batting average at .579 and OPS at 1.075.

The victory, as mentioned at the beginning of the note, went to the right-handed Glasnow. while, John Rooney Rescue was observed Cody Stashak He was defeated.