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Administrador Punta Catalina lamenta suceso con legisladores y dice es impropio que se presenten de sorpresa

The director of Punta Catalina regrets the event with lawmakers and says it is inappropriate for them to appear as a surprise

Santo Domingo, RD.

The director of the Punta Catalina Thermal Power Plant, Serafin Canario, lamented the fact that a delegation of senators could not enter the facilities of the power plants, but described it as inappropriate because it would appear unexpectedly at the site.

“We want to announce to the public that at no time have I been notified, either in writing, by phone or in person, as the General Manager of the Punta Catalina Thermal Power Plant, nor have I been informed of my manager,” the official said in a statement. the visit “.

He pointed out that it is generally known that the entry of people outside the work of any thermal power plant must be done in advance with prior coordination or duly informed, because it is a site for the production of electric power consisting of high-risk equipment, systems and materials.

“As director of the thermoelectric power plant in Punta Catalina, I regret the occurrence of this incident, which did not allow members of the distinguished delegation of senators to enter the power plant, but must also, in proper exercise of public responsibility, say that it is inappropriate, that lawmakers, regardless About their level, they appear unexpectedly at the central facilities, without the slightest courtesy to notify or contact them, either in writing, by phone or in person with anyone from the CTPC,” Kanari stated.

He stressed that the protocol established for the medium is that access to its facilities is controlled. “This access can happen with the appropriate permission, but to get permission we have to be aware of said visit,” the official said.

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He reiterated to the Dominican community, members of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, civil society in general and the political community that the doors of the Punta Catalina Thermal Power Plant are open for visits under conditions that ensure security and do not impede it. Free development of energy production for the whole country.