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The opposition reaches an agreement and Netanyahu is removed from power

The opposition reaches an agreement and Netanyahu is removed from power

(CNN) – coalition of opposition parties in Israel They reached an agreement to form a government, paving the way to end 12 years of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s tenure, the country’s longest-serving leader, according to a statement from the Yesh Atid Center Party, published on Wednesday.

Yair Lapid, leader of the centrist Yesh Atid party, told Israel President Reuven Rivlin that he was able to form a coalition less than an hour before the midnight deadline expired Wednesday.

Naftali Bennett, the man who can take out Netanyahu 3:58

Although Lapid is authorized to form the government in accordance with the agreement, Naftali Bennett – The leader of the small right-wing party Yamina and the shadow power in coalition talks – is the person who will become prime minister within the first two years of a four-year term. Lapid will serve as foreign minister until they exchange positions mid-term.

at Release“The government will work to serve all citizens of Israel, including those who are not members of it, will respect those who oppose it and will do everything in its power to unite all segments of Israeli society,” Lapid said.

The deal is a historic event for recent Israeli policy, as it may mean the last days of Netanyahu’s 12 years in power.

The Covenant The coalition must pass a vote of confidence in Parliament before the new government and prime minister are sworn in.