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The deep words of Gustavo Alfaro, coach of Ecuador, that moved Tite |  football |  Sports

The deep words of Gustavo Alfaro, coach of Ecuador, that moved Tite | football | Sports

(Video) For the tricolor coach, Titi is the “alma mater” of Canariñha.

One of the most prominent images of the match between Ecuador against Brazil (1-1), which coaches Gustavo Alvaro and Tate starred in, when the referee celebrated the end. The TV host gave an account and reason for the moment when the Tricolore coach approaches his Brazilian teammate and sends a few words of appreciation and admiration.

As the teams headed toward the changing rooms, Alvaro walked over to Tite to receive him. Although both made the gesture of covering their mouths to prevent them from having their lips read through the cameras, the broadcast microphones were able to clearly capture the Ecuadorean captain’s statement.

“Keep fighting because this is yours and you will end up being the world champion,” De La Tre told him. Then he insisted firmly: “Remember what I tell you. Fight against it. You respect this. Please, I ask you, please.”

The dialogue was later published on the official social networks of the Copa America:

According to several Argentine portals, Alvaro’s words refer to the situation that the Brazilian coach is going through, facing the leadership of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). At the beginning of this month, Tite refused to comment on the sudden investigation of the Copa America 2021 in his country, which was badly affected by the epidemic, amid press rumors that confirmed that Brazilian players playing in Europe requested not to participate in the tournament.

Tite confirmed that he had “sincerely” informed the president of the Brazilian Confederation, Rogerio Capoclo, of his opinion on choosing Brazil as host for the tournament, two weeks before the start of the tournament, after Argentina and Colombia were canceled as stadiums.

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It was a very straightforward conversation. Since then, the position of the athletes has also been clear,” coach Tite added at the time.

Deserves appreciation

Already at the post-match press conference, Gustavo Alvaro highlighted words of appreciation to his Brazilian counterpart, who said he was a “driver of” talent and “alma materfrom Canarienha.

He completed that, with Tite as coach, Brazil have “the conditions to be world champions” in 2022.

“I would like this kind of coach to get their award. They are people who honor this profession, and I want these kind of guys to do well,” Alvaro said. (Dr)