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The Dean of UAT presides over the graduates of Engineering and Science graduates

The Dean of UAT presides over the graduates of Engineering and Science graduates

Victoria city

Antam Agency

CD Victoria, Tam. – The Dean of the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas CP Guillermo Mendoza Cavazos presided over the graduation ceremony for students graduating from the Engineering and Masters degrees from the Faculty of Engineering and Science (FIC) at the Victoria Campus.

At the event at the Juárez Theater in the capital of Tamaulipas, Rector Guillermo Mendoza presented accreditations to the 2022 generation of students of Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Science Engineering, Telematics Engineering, and Master of Science, Agricultural Systems and Environment.

In his letter, the Rector stressed that for 55 years this college has been essential in training engineers specializing in innovation, design, and knowledge improvement, as well as its practical application.

Likewise, he recognized the efforts of this generation in adapting to new social scenarios, as well as teachers who know how to guide their students through the unprecedented circumstances imposed by the pandemic.

“Congratulations to all graduates, their career building carries the DNA of UAT, they carry the nuances of university thinking; I hope their careers will be filled with victories, said Guillermo Mendoza, this institution that supports them today and will always have its doors open for their continuous training and furthering their studies.

In this context, he congratulated the rain. Maribe Lucio Castillo, who has distinguished her students as the godmother of the 2022 generation, in recognition of her career and dedication to teaching, being a role model for graduates.

In his opportunity, the Mtro. Vicente Paul Saldívar Alonso, Director of FIC-UAT, said that the graduates have now demonstrated their ability, courage and spirit of improvement, because together with the academic training they have received, they are ready to meet the challenges of our society, providing innovation and technological development using an interdisciplinary approach.

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During the event, traditional training letters were delivered to 71 students who graduated from engineering jobs and five who graduated from the master’s program taught by this university unit.

They also presented awards to the students with the highest average average in this generation, and were awarded: Jovana de Jesus Rosales Onorato, Daniel Alejandro Marín García, Natalia Martinez de Leon, Esteban Hernández Santiago and José Puente Trigo.

On behalf of the outgoing generation, student Esteban Santiago Hernández sent a letter of thanks for the support of his family, teachers and faculty directors. Likewise, he thanked the Rector of the University for raising awareness and supporting the student community during the pandemic period, as he acknowledged the rapid and effective work of the University, by adapting to the new method, and providing the necessary tools to continue to shape them.