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In Mexico, according to the data of the coordinator of forensic services, Semefo, at the state level, Dr. Cesar Gonzalez Vaca, in 28 states of the country, Semefos relies on the offices of the Public Prosecutor, in Guerrero, this is the only case in which he relies on the Minister of Health. Jalisco, the only entity that has the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences is independent of any authority, because in Mexico City there is also an institute but it depends on the judiciary, like Baja California, which Semefo also depends on the judiciary so far.

Eleven years ago, the then PAN Deputy, Ricardo Magana Mosqueda, presented before the Baja California Conference an initiative to create the Baja California Institute of Forensic Sciences Act. A year later, on October 31, 2012, 20 deputies voted in favor of a law that, according to Magana Mosqueda, costs time and money to prepare, as well as visits to Mexico City and Jalisco institutes.

“I got into it, we went to Mexico, we went to Guadalajara, we saw the institutes that are independent beings, and nobody likes the institute to be independent because they want control, for me, my point is that the judiciary is dedicated to the administration of justice and the attorney general’s office (the attorney general’s office) ) to investigate,” Ricardo Magana commented to me this week.

Although the State Institute of Forensic Sciences received 20 votes of approval and approval, it never worked, ”the graduate who served as head of the judiciary (Maria Esther Rentería Ibarra) did not want to abandon the institute (Semefo), the institute had several million In the budget of the judiciary, it was closed, and he did not want to do this,” Magana Mosqueda said, adding that the head of the court had persuaded the PRI grouping to drop this project.

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In 2020, in the government of Jaime Bonilla Valdez, there was talk of passing Semefo to the newly created State Prosecutor’s Office, whose head was Guillermo “El Titi” Ruiz “, the formulation of this initiative was the responsibility of the Secretary General and the Government, Amador Rodríguez Lozano .

On February 17, 2020, the then Regional Prosecutor of Mexicali, Pedro Ariel Mendeville, told me: “It is indeed a proposal made by the Governor of the State (Bonilla) through the cooperation and efforts of our Prosecutor, Guillermo Ruiz Hernández, on the issue of strengthening the administration of justice by integrating Forensic services in the state prosecutor’s office.

Interestingly, last Thursday I spoke with Amador Rodriguez and he denied that it was another prosecutorial agency, as noted by the regional prosecutor, “The idea was to create the Institute of Forensic Sciences, not only to make it more effective, but also to make it more credible, because although It is true that forensic centers in most states of the country depend on the attorney general, but it is a greater guarantee to society that it is an independent body.” For the second time the judiciary did not release Semefo, the Institute of Forensic Sciences in Baja California was not created. Dr. Cesar

Gonzalez Vaca, State Coordinator at Semefos, said that their work was not talked about in terms of professionalism, ethics, credibility and honesty for each and every one of the doctors, and that it was not necessary to change institutions, but to offer Semefo a higher budget.

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* The author is a freelance journalist.