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The deadline for students' families to apply for food assistance has been extended

The deadline for students’ families to apply for food assistance has been extended

The Family Department Families of students studying in private and government schools announced this Thursday that they are connected School Canteen ProjectThey will have an extension of time to apply for assistance from the Infectious Diseases Assistance Program (Infectious EBT)

The new deadline is June 30. According to the Secretary Carmen Ana Gonzalez Magazine. The first phase of this period ended yesterday, Wednesday.

“This benefit represents a great relief to the pocket, while at the same time contributing to the healthy nutrition and development of our school age students. I urge all families of students, both eligible and ineligible, to complete the process. www.pr.govThe official said in a statement.

The Infectious EBT Provides financial assistance for food for students who have received a virtual or hybrid education but have not accessed food programs in the 2021-2022 academic year.

According to the agency, about 234,725 students benefited from 968 public schools and private educational institutions, equivalent to an economic impact of $ 60,881,523.48 million. However, qualified private companies are in the process of registering to help their students.

Administrator of Family Socio-Economic Development Administration (Adsef), Alberto FrederaHelp explained that $ 8.25 per day is explored in a hybrid or virtual way.

“Families can use it for the next six months once they receive it. There are more than 3,000 businesses certified by the Family Department around the island, where they can purchase and distribute as they see fit.He highlighted.

Fradera recalled it during the request It is important to have basic data of the family nucleus such as name, relationship, age, social security and student number at hand. A new card with benefits will arrive at the address provided upon request.

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Students who participated in it Nutrition Assistance Program (PAN) will receive the money directly into their accounts.

The epidemic EBT was passed by the United States Congress as part of the U.S. Recovery Plan Act, also known as the ARPA.