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Ladrones entran al apartamento de Sergio Carlo en Atlanta y le roban documentos y joyas

Thieves break into Sergio Carlo’s apartment in Atlanta and steal documents and jewelry

Sergio Carlo, a spokesman for Atlanta, USA, denies that they walked into his apartment and stole documents, jewelry and his car keys.

Carlo explained that the area where he lived had no middle class, no luxury homes and no crime.

“They entered our apartment on the 4th floor via the balcony and stole all my important documents (everything), KP’s computer (we have the address they took her to), my watches (3 of them JP) and a few more things,” he tweeted. Said by.

The host of “Antinotti” revealed that he was immature, and was surprised that “even when the police went, they told us where these cases came from.”

Sergio Carlo’s case has been added to a recent lawsuit against Los Angeles filmmaker Alfonso Rodriguez.

While Rodriguez was at the U.S. summit in that city, his belongings were stolen from an SUV.

“So Na’ma ‘they did not say what was going on there (Dominican Republic), here in Los Angeles they broke into my jeep and took away everything that was inside,” he said in a video.

The Dominican Consul in Los Angeles, California, promised to steal $ 7,000.

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