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The cyclone caused damage to at least 26 homes in Arecibo

The cyclone caused damage to at least 26 homes in Arecibo

Structural damage to some twenty dwellings, eight fallen columns, and a split roof of a factory were some of the effects of the Cyclone This Sunday in Arecibo.

As explained in a press release by the Mayor of Arecibo, Carlos Ramirezclass EF-1, max. 5 on the Fujita scale, was recorded at 3:00 p.m. over the Víctor Rojas community and lasted five minutes.

at the moment, The typhoon damaged 26 homes, 8 cars and five power lines on the ground, but no injuries were reporteddetailing the first municipal executive in written statements to the press.

We continue to assess the damage.The mayor said.

Therefore, personnel from the Municipal Emergency Management Office, the Municipal Police and Loma Energy They are ready to work to fix all the causes of a hurricane.

Some fallen columns were recorded in Calle 7 of the Villa Serena urbanization, and in Calles 6 and 8 of the Victor Rojas II sector, while in Calle 1 a house was damaged.

Similarly, on the PR-129 motorway, in front of the Driver Services Center (Cesco) of the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP), the power lines fell.

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Next to, Part of the roof of the Thermo King plant broke off and a leak was detected in the argon tank line which was successfully stoppedAccording to an inspection carried out by the Special Operations Department of Barceloneta.

Damage to the Thermo King plant is believed to be in the millionsMayor Ramirez said.

On the other hand, the Fire Department reported that the rest of the tanks at the plant were in perfect condition and the valves were closed as a precaution.

“The scene is still in the hands of the company. The firefighters will be responsible for inspecting repair work in the affected area tomorrow,” the agency stated.

The cyclone also damaged the fence separating a school and garden located in the community.

In addition, Calles 1 and 2 and Manuel T. Guillén remain closed.

Likewise, two vehicles were stranded by flooding on the same number of roads.

In addition to the fire department, other agencies present in the affected areas are the Office of Emergency Management and Disaster Management, the Municipal Office of Emergency Management, and the Puerto Rico Police Office.