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The CNE has amended the regulations regarding the accreditation of table witnesses to add a strict requirement

The CNE has amended the regulations regarding the accreditation of table witnesses to add a strict requirement

President of the National Electoral Council, Elvis Amoroso, speaks during a press conference. EFE/Miguel Gutierrez

The National Electoral Council (CNE) on Saturday approved a new resolution to amend current regulations on the accreditation of table witnesses to add a strict condition that would hinder citizen surveillance.


“The CNE changes the regulations regarding the accreditation of witnesses. “The rectors approved Resolution No. 240620-054 (published in Gaceta Electoral on June 20) on the new special rules for the accreditation of election witnesses,” warned journalist Eugenio Martinez on social networks.

The caller explained, “Article 7 stipulates that in order to be a witness, you must be a voter, know how to read and write, and not be an official of the National Electoral Council, nor a registration agent or updater of electoral registry data.”

But with the amendment now, “the electoral schedule bears witness They must be registered at the polling station in which the polling station in question is located.“.

According to the criteria of Martinez, who specializes in electoral sources, “restricting the reliance of witnesses on the table where they cast their votes is not a comprehensive requirement of the law, and this is the first time this has been requested.”

For their part, sources from the Platform for Unionist Democracy (PUD) consulted by the journalist confirm that “(although they have identified 92% of the necessary witnesses) imposing this new requirement could cause the prosecution of up to 40% of the witnesses who were identified.” Identify them.” (Who have agreed to serve as witnesses at tables other than where they are voting).”

The political parties and alliances represented on the electoral card must verify the lists of table witnesses and submit them to the National Electoral Commission starting Friday, June 28.

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The information leaked at night, when Venezuelans were celebrating Vinotinto’s victory in the Copa America.

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On June 11, the main president of the National Electoral Council, Juan Carlos Delpino, accused the organization’s president, Elvis Amoroso, who is close to Chavismo, of making unilateral decisions without consulting the rest of the authorities and without calling organizational sessions.

In addition, Delpino Amoruso was accused of being responsible for withdrawing the invitation extended to the European Union election observation mission, which was preparing to visit the country to assess the upcoming presidential elections on Sunday, July 28.

No other CNE authority responded to Delpino’s confirmed complaint.