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The CNE has amended the regulations for the accreditation of table witnesses

The CNE has amended the regulations for the accreditation of table witnesses

The National Electoral Council (CNE) has introduced important changes in the regulations related to the accreditation of election witnesses, as Eugenio Martinez, an election expert, reported on his Twitter account. s. Resolution No. 054-240620, published in the Electoral Gazette on June 20, establishes new special regulations that raise concerns among various sectors of the opposition.

Article 7 of the new regulations stipulates that election witnesses must be voters, literate, and not be officials of the National Electoral Commission or agents of registration or updating of the electoral register. In addition, an unprecedented requirement was introduced: voting station witnesses must be registered at the polling station in which the polling station in question is located.

This change in requirements has raised concerns in the Unionist Programme, which has expressed concern about the impact this regulation could have on the organization of the electoral process. According to PUD sources, although they were able to identify 92% of the necessary witnesses, imposing the new requirement could result in the loss of up to 40% of existing witnesses. These witnesses had agreed to work in polling stations or centers other than those where they were registered to vote.

The certification of witnesses is scheduled to begin on June 28 and continue until the days before the dockets are prepared. This leaves a margin of time for the opposition to search for voters willing to act as witnesses in the centers where they vote. However, the challenge is to find enough people who meet the new criteria imposed by the National Electoral Council.

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Amending the accreditation regulations adds to a series of challenges facing the electoral process in Venezuela.