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The António Guetras thermoelectric power plant coincides with the national system

The António Guetras thermoelectric power plant coincides with the national system

finally! The largest thermal power plant (CTE) in the country, Antonio Guetras, is synchronized with the National Electric Energy System (SEN). As announced at the start of the week, the largest single block on the island has started delivering the goods as of Friday night. The CTE located in Matanzas was out of service for about 10 days due to a malfunction. “Once they synced at 10:28pm, the complex process of merging parameters to start the upload began.” This is how engineer Rubén Campos Olmos, expert from CTE Guiteras, comments. He explained that the loading of goods is a process that does not exclude risks and common sense indicates that it should proceed with caution to avoid adverse situations.

On June 7th, the power plant suffered a failure less than 72 hours after it was started. The malfunction in the boiler was only discovered when an assessment of the maintenance work was to be carried out, which took over three months.

identical cycle

Recent events related to the operation of CTE Guiteras show that the future is not encouraging. The plant is immersed in a cycle of failures and breakdowns for various reasons that do not bode well in the short term.

For example, in November of last year, I took 12 days off to perform over 300 scheduled maintenance tasks. Then, in February of the current cycle, an electrical fault was detected at one of the factories.

Experts pointed out that after being held for more than 90 days, CTE will return with better generating capacity. However, they warned and agreed that this arrest would not be synonymous with perfection in their system.

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The reality is summed up like this, behind the SEN de la Guiteras entry. The blackouts are back with the same intensity as last summer. The deficit in reproductive capacity is enormous and is afflicted every day in homes and entities in Cuba. What will happen in the next summer stage? Will history repeat itself?