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Venezuela fuera del top 10 de países con mayores reservas de petróleo

Venezuela is among the top ten countries with the largest oil reserves

Venezuela is among the top ten countries with the largest oil reserves
Yuri Cortez / Agence France-Presse

Venezuela is not among the ten countries with the largest oil reserves, According to an annual analysis by Oslo-based energy consulting firm Rystad Energy. Saudi Arabia, the United States, Russia, Canada, Iraq, Iran, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and China took the first places.

Economist Hermes Perez explained on his Twitter account that it seems so Rystad accounts only for reserves Currently economically profitable. a) yes, Venezuela It will only have 27 billion barrels per day, Far from 304 billion barrels per day, which includes the Orinoco oil belt.

Rystad Energy

“Short-term, The country will only have 2 to 4 billion barrels per day, Which means Venezuela’s oil potential is in the past, according to Rystad. This means that investments (impossible in the case of repayment) and implementation time are necessary to restore potential.”

Total recoverable oil: 9% decrease

The Rystad Energy report also expressed some concern about the significant decline in recoverable oil resources, which could deal a major blow to global energy security. The consulting firm’s analysis indicated that the total recoverable crude oil worldwide It is now 9% less than last year.

The world’s total recoverable oil is now an estimated 1.572 billion barrels, A decrease of about 9% from last year, And 152 billion barrels less than the total for 2021.

– Recalling the Report on Extractable Petroleum Resources, Saudi Arabia ranks first with 275 billion barrels, Rystad is exposed to energy. It is followed by the United States with 193 billion barrels, Russia with 137 billion barrels, Canada with 118 billion barrels, and Iraq with 105 billion barrels.

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In South America, Brazil

In South America, the company also identified, Brazil still ranks first with 71 billion barrels of recoverable oil. This is 10 times the size of proven reserves, but 4 billion less than last year. The country is in a rapidly developing region of discoveries and production.

He added that in Europe, recoverable quantities from the United Kingdom and Norway had decreased by one billion barrels. Its volumes are now 10 billion and 17 billion barrels, respectively.

Contrary to the tendency of most countries to lose their oil resources this year, The United States added 8 billion barrels to its discovered resources.

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