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En septiembre de 2015 se le dictó prisión preventiva a Otto Pérez Molina después de renunciar por su posible implicación en el Caso La Línea. (Foto Prensa Libre: Hemeroteca PL)

CC confirms the decision ordering Otto Perez Molina to pay 13 million QS to get out of prison

The Constitutional Court (CC) This Friday, July 8, the High-Stakes Court B’s decision was confirmed. who ordered Former President Otto Perez Molina He paid QS 13 million to get out of prison in the La Linea case.

Former President of Guatemala He sought to cancel the bail imposed by the aforementioned court.

On November 15, 2021, Perez Molina He stated that he did not have that amount to pay.

On that occasion, he said, there were aspects that he thought should be taken into consideration. “The court says that this exceeded the pretrial detention,” he said.

He added on that occasion that another aspect is that domestic and foreign legislation, such as international agreements, “says that it is an abuse of preventive custody, and the Court has said that very clearly and That is why he gives the alternative procedure, the problem is that for a sum that cannot be paid.”

“He gives me 13 million and Where will I get them?the former president said in 2021.

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The first arrests in this case occurred on April 16, 2015 against A customs fraud network supposedly led by the presidential double-edged president of Perez Molina and Baldeti.

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In 2015, several court proceedings regarding alleged corruption were exposed. Most of these files indicated the participation of officials, The first trial of that era was the La Linea case.