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Bachelor’s degree holder and did not denounce her ineligibility

Bachelor’s degree holder and did not denounce her ineligibility

A woman who studied for a bachelor’s degree and did not denounce the loss of eligibility. Photo: TikTok video capture via @halismontero

Halys Montero, the girl who said a few days ago that she had studied for four years in a non-existent degree, shared more information about her condition, such as that she lost a job position and that the school teachers ask her colleagues not to. act as it is.

On June 14, she shared a statement stating that she studied at the Regional Center for Regular Education (CREN) in Iguala, and that she always represented it when she had the opportunity.

He also commented, “My teacher training has been excellent, my teachers are wonderful and respectful teachers, CREN teachers have made me a committed teacher who loves their work, my appreciation and gratitude are forever.”

He also indicated that after completing his studies, he obtained a position in the Ministry of Public Education, which is what he dreamed of, and then added: “After graduation and thanks to the requirements of the educational authorities of the state of Guanajuato, I discovered that my degree, which I studied for four years, was not registered at the national level, Later I found out that there is no functional registry key at the state level.

He also explained that four years and six months had passed since he left school, when in Guanajuato they asked him for the key to his career registration, and when he did not have it, they withdrew from his post.

“The worst thing is that not only did I lose it, two other classmates lost it and now there are more classmates who can lose their bases because they don’t have a title or a school leaving certificate,” he said.

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The woman also asked those who criticize her to sympathize with her, because she does not attack the educational institution, noting that: “In my oath I said that I will defend education and this begins with my education. Thank you for your solidarity and support, let us hope that this will be resolved.”

On June 15, he shared a video on TikTok in which he commented: “I am banned from my school and many teachers make negative comments towards my classmates about ‘not playing along’, but I don’t know which game they are talking about, because for me studying is not a game.” “.

Then he sent a message to the managers who did not solve the problem: “Retire from your jobs, incompetence is useless in the country, it only makes education more expensive, and it is already on the ground.”

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