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The administrative version of the science fair was held in Kabayan

The administrative version of the science fair was held in Kabayan

The Ministry of Education, through the Coordination of Scientific and Technological Activities for Youth (ACTJ), implemented the third administrative edition of the Education, Arts, Science and Technology Fair 2024 in the interior of the province.

On this occasion, ACTJ Coordinator Leon Camji, together with the Evaluation Team, Vice Principal of Secondary School No. 72, María del Sol Barrionuevo, Institutional Team, Primary Level Area Supervisor, Zulma Herrera, and Foundation Directors received the initial participants. And elementary school students from different locations in the Kabayan Department.

In this way, the evaluation team evaluated 24 educational projects at the primary, primary and special levels of public and rural schools, where 8 projects were selected for the following example:

For the initial level:

-“Young Artists: Meet Milo Luckett.” Jane No. 15 – New Cuneta

-“Playing, learning.” Gene No. 28 – Huilabema

-“The disappearance of water.” “Clorinda O Herrera” Private School – Chumbecha

– “Worms to the Rescue.” Gene No. 28 – Huilabema

-“Playing, I learn mathematics.” Jane No. 29 – Chumbisha.

At the primary level:

-“Blankets with history.” “Clorinda O Herrera” Private School – Chumbecha

-“Matmarkino.” School No. 467 “Shkolnik Foundation” – Alquemado

private situation:

-“Healthy life”. Special Education School No. 1 – Chumbesha.

It should be noted that the selected works will participate in the regional edition of the exhibition, which will be held in August.

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