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The Academy of Sciences recognizes Hipólito, Bonetti and Blanco Peña |  Momento.net

The Academy of Sciences recognizes Hipólito, Bonetti and Blanco Peña | Momento.net

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SANTO DOMINGO – The Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic (ACRD) honored several figures on Wednesday for their contributions to this scientific institution.

Among the honorees are former President of the Republic (2000-2024) Hipolito Mejía Domínguez, Mario Bonetti, founder and former president of ACRD and Mr. Eligio Blanco Peña, for his Dominican agricultural struggles.

The awards were presented by Mario Bonetti, former president of the Academy, accompanied by current president Eleuterio Martinez, at the entity's headquarters located on Las Damas Avenue in Ciudad Colonial, National District.

Engineer Eleuterio Martinez, President of the Academy of Sciences, expressed that all the progress achieved by man is due to science and its practical application, to technological innovation.

He thanked all the recognized persons who had made significant contributions in their various fields to the benefit of the Dominican people.

ACRD members thanked Mejía for providing the house that today houses this institution in the historic district.

The former president thanked the institution for this distinction, in front of dozens of directors and representatives of the intellectual environment in the country.

Mario Bonetti, who thanked the Foundation's Board of Directors for this honor, highlighted the Center's 50th anniversary and its contributions to the Dominican Republic.

This activity was attended by ACRD Vice President Modesto Cruz, members of Number, Osisris de León, Eduadrdo Klingler, Dinorah García Romero and Radhames Mejía, among others.

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