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Healthy diet to lose 2 kilos in 3 days

Healthy diet to lose 2 kilos in 3 days

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A study he conducted University of Floridaand published in Journal of Behavioral MedicineThrow Disruptive results About weight loss operations.

According to InvestigationStart a weight loss regime with a tailored diet During the first month Not only does it lead to an overall loss of more kilograms, but it also facilitates the process of burning fat New maintenance long-term.

What are the keys to safe and effective weight loss?

By combining healthy and balanced foods, along with recommendations for hydration, physical exercise and adequate rest, the person concerned will be able to lose weight. 2 kilos in just 3 days and up to 8 per monthAdapt the plan according to the initial weight.

In the first stage, what is known as “Trauma days“During this period, it is extremely important “Soothe the stomach” to reduce the need for food And the Feeling hungryWithout worrying.

Meal plan: Week 1

  • breakfast: It is recommended to drink juice from green leafy vegetables, which can be diluted with water if a lighter consistency is preferred. To improve the flavour, you can add a piece of ginger root.
  • Mid-morning: It is recommended to eat natural yogurt without sugar.
  • meal: The option consists of steamed or boiled vegetables, limited to a maximum of 3 varieties, accompanied by steamed fish, boiled or hard-boiled eggs, or ground legumes.
  • Snack: It is suggested to make a homemade sugar-free compote from fruit such as apples, pears, blueberries or raspberries.
  • dinner: The dinner includes a vegetarian cream, also limited to 3 items, such as fried onions and squash with carrots, or fried leeks and zucchini with turmeric, known for its weight-loss properties. Accompanied by natural yogurt without sugar.
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In addition, it is recommended to consume Unsalted vegetable broth And Injections without milk or sugar Throughout the day, especially during times of hunger or cravings.

Meal plan: Week 2

Once the first week has passed after the first three days, a weekly shock day is introduced during second week. That extra day helps Stimulate metabolism And maintain motivation during the weight loss process.

  • breakfast: Natural yogurt accompanied by fresh fruit and a tablespoon of cha or flax seeds to add fiber and essential nutrients.
  • Mid-morning: Whole wheat mini bread with various nutritious fillings such as avocado, sprouts, natural tuna or cold cuts of turkey.
  • meal: Healthy salad with a selection of 3 to 5 fresh ingredients and light dressing. As a main course, you can choose options such as grilled, baked or steamed fish or lean meat. Eggs are also included in any preparation except fried, or legumes in the form of stew or hummus.
  • Snack: A mixture of fresh fruits and nuts that provides energy and nutrients between main meals.
  • dinner: Cream of vegetables is followed by a serving of steamed fish or chicken, along with vegetarian options such as tofu or fresh cheese.

This menu plan provides a variety of nutritional options to suit individual needs, ensuring a balanced and delicious diet while working toward your weight loss goal.

How to accompany a diet to lose weight?

A study he conducted Oxford University in the Kingdom united It was revealed that combining exercise with a low-calorie diet is more effective than following it alone in reducing abdominal fat and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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