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Tesla's autopilot missed the moon due to a yellow traffic light (video)

Tesla’s autopilot missed the moon due to a yellow traffic light (video)

The Tesla logo on a Model S is pictured inside the Tesla dealership in New York, US, April 29, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo

The owner of the car who experienced the malfunction said on Twitter after posting a video of the strange event that the autopilot of the Tesla car confused the moonlight that appeared in the sky at dusk with a yellow traffic light.

by RT

Jordan Nelson wrote: “Hey, Elon Musk, you might want your team to deal with the way the Moon is tricking the autopilot system.” “The car thought the moon was a yellow light and wanted it to continue slowing down,” he explained.

For its part, Tesla advises all drivers that “autopilot and full self-driving capability are intended for use by a single driver. fully attentiveKeep your hands on the steering wheel and be ready to take control At what time“.

This month the company released the highly anticipated Full Self-Driving Beta v9 (FSD v9) software update, a full autopilot that allows the car to move on its own even when driving through town.

– The update, which is currently only available to a limited number of users, includes two important innovations that provide you with quick decision-making and maneuverability in difficult situations.

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