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Tesla bate otro récord: las entregas de coches eléctricos se disparan en el tercer trimestre pese a las bajas expectativas iniciales

Tesla breaks another record: Electric vehicle shipments rose in the third quarter despite lower initial expectations


October 3, 2021 04:30 GMT

Elon Musk shipped a total of 241,300 vehicles to consumers in the third quarter, compared to 201,250 in the second quarter.

Despite low expectations by experts, electric car maker Tesla broke another record for vehicle delivery in the third quarter of this year. a) yes Come From the company’s latest report published on Saturday.

Elon Musk delivered it A total of 241,300 carsCompared to 201,250 Pierced In the second chapter.

“The number of our deliveries should be considered fairly moderate, as we only count the vehicle as delivered if it was passed on to the customer and all paperwork was correct,” reads a statement on the matter.

In parallel, production also increased: if in July the company reported 206,421 cars assembled, then the indicator will be on October 2. I reached the number 237.823.

These indications come after Elon Musk last month found out in an internal message he had being able to Reuters suffered by the automaker shortage of parts In the third chapter. At the time, the billionaire urged his employees to increase delivery levels.

For their part, analysts expected the cars to be delivered to will not reach such numbers. Specifically, they estimated that the company would deliver just over 229,000 vehicles.

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