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Tec Querétaro launched the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Tec Querétaro launched the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Tecnológico de Monterrey campus in Querétaro has launched the TecSalud Schools of Medicine and Health Sciences, which will start with a total of 60 students.

The opening of the school will advance the fields of biological sciences, psychology and nutrition.

The Health exploration area It will allow young people to enter the field of study to explore, distinguish and confirm their inclination for a particular profession. Through the challenges you will acquire the basics of the area, and you will develop skills to confirm or modify your choice.

Dr. Guillermo Torre Amione, President of TecSalud and Vice President of Research at Tecnológico de Monterrey, spoke about the importance of expanding the boundaries of the institution, especially in a challenging global context, and having more experts in different areas of health.

“At Querétaro they will enjoy the prestige and power of an institution that pursues the benefit of society without any other interest, in a truly academic environment.”

A fundamental pillar in the aspirations of the campus

Pascual Alcocer, Vice President of the South Central Region and Director of the Queretaro Campus, El Tec at its best,

“The opening of the school allows us to enhance the pillar of academic offer, which is one of our campus’ strategic priorities.”

“We know that Querétaro occupies a position as an educational destination in the country, and we want to unite in the health field and be the spearhead of the state’s youth.”

Mauricio Curie, “The fact that soon, in a year’s time, we will have students graduating from the Tec de Monterrey in medicine is an honor for Queretanos.”

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The importance of achieving holistic well-being

A session was held with expert physicians speaking on the topic of holistic well-being, featuring physicians Freesia Hernandez, expert psychologist, Rebecca Hernandez, a dietitian specializing in obesity and diabetes, and Celia Gonzalez, MD, a molecular biologist at Medicine.

In this space, doctors mentioned how every health profession has been of great importance to help the COVID isolation process

Dr. Freesia highlighted the importance of raising awareness of mental health “Now people are accepting more interest in psychology, they value the product of interest, and we have learned to psychologically educate and use the media to provide assistance.”

Similarly, Dr. Rebecca Hernandez expressed the change in nutrition, where before the focus was mainly on nutrition, now it is more adapting to people’s lifestyles, and diversity is observed.

“In terms of food, there is no single path, we are so different beings that the way to get there is now much more comprehensive.” commented.

Dr. Celia also presented the angle of relevance of the information, as it is tangible and scientific, noting that the data is of a large size to make a complete vision of what we need in terms of health.

“We know we are an entity, a person, this body is the one that will carry you throughout your life, you have to take care of it in mental and nutritional health.”

Psychological education in social networks.

Paula Lavigne, a clinical and health psychologist who graduated from Tec de Monterrey, shared her talk about the importance of mental health to overall well-being.

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The talk focused on the extent of anxiety and depression in our country, stressing that most of them are not treated due to a lack of information, so he decided to provide help through social networks, which were essential for communication.

“These psychological pedagogical spaces are very important, where all the information transmitted is something that is understood, and everyone can communicate and share.”

He highlighted the value of speaking openly about health, seeking to eliminate the stigma that exists around mental illness, as well as knowing the measures needed to achieve overall well-being.

“Well-being includes every part of a person, because we are biological and psychosocial beings.”