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Taylor Swift fans explode at Julia Roberts: They accuse her of touching Travis Kelce inappropriately

Taylor Swift fans explode at Julia Roberts: They accuse her of touching Travis Kelce inappropriately

The video that Swifties pointed out shows the actress performing a bizarre interaction that would have upset the American football player.

Taylor Swift’s followers have been slamming Julia Roberts for what they deemed an inappropriate interaction with Travis Kelce during her Eras Tour concert in Dublin, Ireland, last Sunday. The actress Pretty womanThe 56-year-old was caught on video. shoulder rub From Kelsey and Made by chest tickle While chatting and laughing with him in the VIP tent.

Kelce, 34, a Kansas City Chiefs player, responded by affectionately touching Roberts’ arms and smiling broadly, but with a more friendly, less threatening body than the actress. Despite the obvious cordiality between the two, many social media users found the Hollywood interpreter’s behavior completely inappropriate.

Julia Roberts, who is married to Danny Moder, has not commented on the online controversy with Travis Kelce (Image: Reuters/Alessandro Garofalo)

“I feel bad for Travis, he’s clearly uncomfortable.”“It’s a shame,” one person wrote on X (formerly Twitter). Another user commented: “What the hell is wrong with JR? Why is she scratching his chest and pushing herself on him? He’s so uncomfortable trying to push her away that she stops him. “This is so weird.” A third viewer added: “Wow! Too much touching? Scratches? What’s your problem?

On the other hand, some defended the star. a place called notting hill“She’s old enough to be his mom, so I hope she treats him more like a son,” one fan commented. It seems kind of motherly.“Please,” another defender suggested. “Travis is not uncomfortable.” Julia is clearly excited about TNT. (Taylor and Travis). He has a great sense of humor, so Maybe she was kidding him.

Travis Kelce attends Taylor Swift’s final concert at the Aviva Stadium after attending a wedding in California (Credit: Gareth Cattermole/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Right Management)

An X user who specializes in lip reading tried to guess what Roberts is saying in the video. According to the same person, the actress says: “I’m so happy for you. I guess I wasn’t a fan of Joe either. [Alwyn]”, lyrics that refer to the pop singer’s ex-boyfriend that would somehow resolve what could have just been a misunderstanding.

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For his part, Kelce arrived at Swift’s last of three shows at Aviva Stadium after attending his teammate’s wedding in California the night before. The pair reunited after the ceremony, and Kelce was seen applauding his girlfriend after another outstanding performance. Since the end of the 2023-24 NFL season, the player has been a fixture at several concerts on Swift’s world tour, which has been a huge success.

During her concert in Dublin, Taylor Swift experienced a mechanical failure on a raised platform, but she kept her cool (Image credit: Kristin Olson/TT News Agency/via Reuters)

Roberts is married to a cinematographer. Danny Moder Since 2002, he has not made any statements on the matter. The actress has had a distinguished career in Hollywood, won an Oscar and is very popular to this day.

Singer Taylor Swift kept her cool during a mechanical failure during her concert last Saturday at the Aviva Stadium. Dublin, IrelandThe singer, who continues to sell out her Eras Tour, was performing “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived” from her latest album when she was Trapped on a raised platform.

The pop singer had no choice but to be taken down by one of her dancers.

The incident occurred when the platform carrying the artist did not retract as planned, leaving her stuck in the middle of the stage. The situation was captured on video by fans and went viral on social media. Your dancer, Jan RavnickWhen you notice the problem, quickly help her and move her to a safe place without interrupting the performance.

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The event sparked a wave of positive comments on social media, with followers praising both Swift and Ravnik for their professionalism. One user wrote in X, “They are the ultimate professionals! I mean the entire cast, crew, and crew. Another added: “Not all heroes wear capes.”