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Summary of the Ecuador vs Jamaica match (3-1).  Objectives

Summary of the Ecuador vs Jamaica match (3-1). Objectives

with great authority, Ecuador took control of Jamaica And he took Three points from the hand of young figuresbut also with controversy surrounding arbitration.

Ecuadorians have achieved great success thanks to their youthful personalities: Piero Hincapiea 22-year-old defender for the unbeaten German champions, Bayer LeverkusenWhich caused an own goal. Kendry Baez, 17 years old Chelsea’s next addition was a penalty kick. And Alan Minda He did the second, a 21-year-old prospect at Belgium’s Cercle Brugge.

The proceedings began relatively early, much to the misfortune of the Jamaicans. This is violent Piero Hincapie’s cross hit Casey Palmer’s mark. Which gave a very strange effect to the ball and left no chance for it Al-Jahmali White replaces Andre Blake’s absence.

In compensation, history will be made. A penalty kick for the Ecuadorians caused a sensation among the youth Kendry Paris It would be his country’s second goal, but also the goal scored by the youngest player of the 21st century in the competition.

Jamaica He will emerge with a commitment to reverse the situation. In the 54th minute, the signal was in the attack Anthony He found the ball and sent it into the net, giving hope to Icelandic coach Heimir Hallgrimsson’s men.

In the 74th minute, the decisive moment came: the VAR called the referee for a possible handball in the Ecuadorian penalty area. Alan Francowhich would give the opportunity to Jamaica to connect; However, the referee’s whistle ruled that it was an unpenalized handball, sparking controversy.

Already in compensation and with Jamaica in the lead, Alan MindaThe 21-year-old Belgian Brugge player shot the ball from behind the midfield and reached the goal, deciding the result in favor of the Ecuadorians.

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The group is more equal than ever: Ecuador has three, and so does the same Mexico and Venezuela, who will play laterJamaica remains without points with one match remaining, as it hopes for Al Tri to win over Vinotinto, aspiring to win the final date and try to achieve the miracle against Venezuela.