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Study reveals what Earth’s final fate will be and when it will happen – Teach me about science

Study reveals what Earth’s final fate will be and when it will happen – Teach me about science

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We’ve seen many possible ways for the Earth to disappear, but have you ever wondered which one is the most likely? Well, here we tell you, according to the results of a new study.

Monthly Notices of the Royan Astronomical Society published A condition Where researchers from the University of Warwick reveal what is likely to happen to a large part of the solar system, including our precious home, Earth.

Scientists have deeply studied the process that occurs in planetary systems similar to the one in which we live.

As we already know, our host star, known as the Sun or King Star, is the main source of energy in the Solar System, and is especially vitally important to Earth, given that we are here and need the Sun to be able to continue living.

According to the official portal of NASA space is a placeThe King Star is 4.5 billion years old, roughly halfway through its life.

The host star, in this case the Sun, will exhaust its energy over billions of years, then becoming a red giant, lasting millions of years and eventually becoming a white dwarf.

The Red Giants, according to Spanish Astronomical Society Which<نجوم كبيرة جدًا وباردة، ويمكن أن يصل حجمها إلى بضع مئات من أضعاف نصف قطر الشمس>> While white dwarfs are<'جثث نجمية'، فهي بقايا احتراق نووي قديم وقوي>>, according to the scientific journal National Geographic .

In the scenario, as the Sun turns into a red giant, the Earth will begin to have its first consequences, and will end up, in effect, being “pulled” by the Sun’s gravitational force in its transformation.

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There is a small, but not zero, possibility that the Earth could escape this, but it is clear that the Earth would not have the conditions necessary for life, given the radiation and temperatures, which would destroy everything on it. .

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Although our planet’s security is “hanging by a thread,” the reality is that both Mercury and Venus will inevitably retrograde immediately, with no escape.

The study also talks about the feasibility of this end reaching only Earth, if not destroying it, then at least severely affecting it. The gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) and Mars will be left alone, without their host star and their first three rocky companions.

Finally, there is talk about certain moons and asteroids that will have the same fate as the first three planets in the solar system.

Scientists expect this to happen within five billion years, that is, at the end of the other half of the sun’s life.

Perhaps by then humanity will no longer exist, but if not, they will be able to witness the heartbreaking end of what was our home for many years.

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