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Strasbourg: “Vaccination for children does not violate duty rights”

Appeals – The parents argued that the country was violating his rights by fining him for not vaccinating his children. The children, for their part, claimed their rights had been violated because they had not been vaccinated or had not been vaccinated late and could not attend kindergarten.

Sentence – The Strasbourg court ruled that the Czech Republic’s policy of “obliging children to be vaccinated” for nine diseases (including diphtheria, tetanus, polio, hepatitis B and measles) was “essential in a democracy”. Society. “

“The effects of vaccines are justified” – The Strasbourg judges point out that the effects experienced by applicants are proportional and justified with the intent that the state wants to achieve, which is to protect everyone from serious infectious diseases.

The duty of the state – Through the vaccine duty, the court affirmed, it seeks to protect those who receive the vaccine and those who are unable to do so for medical reasons by developing “herd immunity”, so this measure is of “best interest” to children. The court finally found that the applicants had not proven that the required vaccines were safe and effective.

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