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U.S. warships in the Black Sea, a response to Russia, which has not sent several troops to the Ukrainian border since 2014

The Russia More and more troops are concentrating on the borderUkraine He United States They respond by sending Navi From the war in the Black Sea. CNN quoted some sources. Over there Navy us It usually operates in the Black Sea, but stopping warships would send a clear message to Russia that it is pursuing closer to the United States, according to an executive in a CNN report, the northern view of Crimea. Under the 1936 agreement, the United States was required to give 14 days’ notice to enter the Black Sea, which gives it control over Turkey’s gateway. It is not clear whether notice has already been given.

The White House said it was “deeply concerned” about the presence of Russian troops on Ukraine’s border: “the largest since 2014.”

In short, tensions on the border between Russia and Ukraine will increase the risk as they enter US territory. Therefore, a warning to Vladimir Putin via the US Navy, and a move that underscores Washington’s undeniable support for Kiev. The news from the Pentagon has not been confirmed, so far it is only a rumor spread by some sources in the administration quoted by CNN. However, the rumors almost coincide with the words of the White House, which spoke through spokeswoman Zhen Zaki about the United States’ “growing concern” about the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Meanwhile, a request to reduce Russia’s presence on the border with Ukraine came from Berlin, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Putin in a phone call. A new conflict.

Meanwhile, no encouraging signs appear to be coming from Moscow. The Kremlin warns that “Kiev’s entry into NATO will destabilize the country” and, accordingly, military action in the Donbass will mark the beginning of Ukraine’s end as a state. “This is to shoot you in the leg,” said Dmitry Kozak, Putin’s adviser to Ukraine and vice president of the Russian presidential administration. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky traveled to Donbass to meet with troops.

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