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Covid, Italy Dark gray area on the new European map: what does this mean?

Italy is the darkest gray area of ​​Europe. The ECTC, the European hub for disease control, has updated the Govt risk map of various member states. At a glance at the map, one immediately notices what the rest of the beautiful country looks like instead of the colorless, mysterious dark gray in the Netherlands.

The reason? According to the myth in the map, the reason for the colorization is not the data. But how is this possible?

Dark gray area of ​​Italy: what it means

This time, as for Europe, Italy is red or dark red, not dark gray. There is not enough data in the new positives. All European countries that make very few tampons get this color, and that’s it The test rate is less than 300 per 100 thousand people.

“Not enough data” does not mean there is no data. In fact, the color of Italy on the CDC map immediately relates to something: here Some tampons are made Therefore, we do not have enough information to predict what will happen in the future.

Still Prime Minister Mario Draghi, At the press conference, he said he was optimistic that the next few weeks would be openings, but not closures.

Last week, on the European map, Emilia Romagna, Friuli-Venice Giulia, Lombardy, Marche, Piedmont, Buglia, Trento PA and Valle de Asta were in dark red, with only Sardinia in the ordinance.

As for Europe, this week’s update includes only a few yellow dots covering Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Norway and Finland.

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The fall of tampons at Easter, Kimbe’s alarm

Exactly April 8th Kimbe Foundation The week from March 31 to April 6 raised warnings about the collapse of tampons. Therefore, the reduction in new incidence (-11.1%) would be exaggerated.

In fact, the fall of new positives is directly linked to a reduction in test activity.

In particular, 128,141 fewer people were tested than the previous week, and 304,499 less than the previous ones.