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Strange complaint by Beatrice Cர்டrdoba regarding the Colombian embassy in the United States.

Strange complaint by Beatrice Cர்டrdoba regarding the Colombian embassy in the United States.

Former Congresswoman Beatrice Cர்டrdoba has called a press conference in Bogot and condemned the United States for its “extortion”. According to C கோrdoba, he was contacted via WhatsApp News and an email related to the Colombian embassy in the United States.

According to the story, this happened on February 10 and his speaker introduced himself as Mario Hernandez, an embassy official who emailed him a video presentation. “This is, among others, ambassadors Juan Carlos Binson and Alejandro Ortones and US official Michael Cossack, deputy secretary for the Western Hemisphere, plotting to deport me and sowing new judicial systems in the midst of the current situation. Campaign election.”

According to Cர்டrdoba, after receiving the email, he contacted the Colombian line again, asking for money in exchange for the video and requesting a private meeting to avoid legal action against him and his family.

This irregular move clearly represents persecution against the political opposition and seeks to interfere in the ongoing parliamentary and presidential elections. Unfortunately, this is not the first time a similar process has been proposed. This bizarre move is a copy of last year’s Senator Victoria Santino and the signatories of the peace treaty, recorded at the time. Viewer“, He said.

C கோrdoba clarified that the son of businessman Mario Hernandez works as an adviser to the Minister for Economic Affairs at the Colombian Embassy in the United States and agrees with the person who contacted him. However, He says the use of the diplomat’s name could be another person and that is why authorities need to investigate what is going on.

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“Foreign Minister Marta Lucia Ramirez, Mr. I urge you to explain to the public and the authorities both the incidents of extortion in the name of Hernandez and the incidents involving the diplomatic officers under your charge and the action of the officers in charge of him. . It is unacceptable to remain silent in the midst of these crimes without guarantees of the use of politics, ”C கோrdoba said.

Piedad Córdoba – Photo: Alexandra Ruiz. – Photo: Alexandra Ruiz

He also asked the Attorney General’s Office to open a serious investigation into the truth of what happened. The petition was extended to the US government, which considered that their complaints should be investigated in that country.

In the opinion of the Congress candidate for the historic treaty, all of this was a “trap” with the sole purpose of harming his political aspirations. “I have been a deliberate victim of political persecution since my participation in the Liberal Party and for my unwavering commitment to peace and social change,” he added.

Finally, he reiterated that he would not deviate from his will for Congress and would not allow himself to be so. “Intimidate by this kind of situation trying to stop political life.” According to C கோrdoba, this political persecution has developed since announcing his political aspirations on the list of historic agreements, and because of fears, he says Gustavo Pedro has the chance to become president in the country. Colombia.